The Cruz or Trump dilemma

I still haven’t decided who I’m voting for yet.

I’m engaged in the process and understand the issues.

I have never been so undecided in a presidential election.

I’m struggling with my vote for Trump or Cruz.

Trump isn’t perfect, but neither was Reagan when he was elected.

Here’s is some of my internal chatter:

  • Trump has changed the political discussion like we have never seen it happen. Trump is driving the political discussion, not the media and not the political parties.
  • I like both of their positions on immigration and illegal immigration. “PAUSE!”
  • Cruz is excellent constitutionalist and debater, but is he going to have an eligibility issue the Democrats and media will hound him with??  If so, can he survive the General Election?
  • But on the other hand, Cruz swears his eligibility is fine, and I believed him when he looked at me and told me so.  But why are his records sealed? Do I believe him?
  • Cruz is undoubtedly a Christian and a Conservative.
  • Trump is a fierce businessman who I believe will exhilarate our free markets for a business boom!  I believe Trump will be business friendly.
  • Trump doesn’t fall for politically correctness! Trump says what we are all thinking!  Cruz is careful with his words, more careful than I would like today.
  • As much as I like Cruz, he has only held government jobs or office. Is he an outsider?
  • Trump will tell foreign leaders who hate us to pound-sand or take-a-hike, instead of appeasing them with billion dollar deals.
  • Trump has given money to EVERYONE in politics, so I don’t care who specifically.
  • Will Trump further socialize our medical system and bring about a singlepayer system???  
  • The GOP Establishment hates Cruz and Trump, no wait a minute, they like Trump now. I think?  They definitely hate Cruz.
  • Trump is a take charge person that will not allow Iran and China to get the best of us. Trump will build that wall.
  • Michael Savage loves Trump, but Mark Levin loves Cruz. 
  • Glenn Beck, who I admire, but stopped listening to long ago, just endorsed Cruz.
  • Sarah Palin endorsed Trump.
  • Phyllis Schlafly likes Trump, but has not given an endorsement. (She has endorsed our favorites like Mark Meadows, Walter Jones, and Louie Gohmert, too.) 
  • EagleForum.og, Phyllis Schlafly’s view: 

Make what you will with my questions and statements. We all have to make our best decision.

Quite frankly, any of these Republican candidates would be 100-times better than Obama and move the nation in the right direction. Well, some will do it better than others. We need less from government, not more!!


About Mark Smith

Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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