AMNESTY By Any Other Name – Why “comprehensive immigration reform” is Amnesty and why there can no longer be allowed any Legal Status Amnesty for ‘undocumented immigrants’ (Illegal Aliens) (Legal Status for illegal Aliens = Amnesty) (Immigration Control IS National Security)


In what has become the status quo crony manner of Washington DC, legislation like ‘immigration reform’ per “comprehensive immigration reform” has been attempted with back room “deals” (betrayals) and closed door meetings. Legislation that is created or suddenly appears from pre-constructed works by illegitimate sources such as the ‘Czar Advisors’, outside “think tanks” or organizations such as Ford Foundation, NCLR or Chamber of Commerce is made 1000’s of pages to be rushed to be voted on has – the “devil is in the details” — and of course therein lies the betrayal, sham lie and outright backstabbing harm done to America and the American People that can last years. In short, ‘Immigration Reform’ can be designed to betray, undermine America which is what ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ does.

The destructive details of “comprehensive immigration reform” drawn up Wash DC Elites and anti-America open Border Profiteers is why it is an Amnesty. The amnesty known as “comprehensive immigration reform” is the same false betrayal that it has been since the 1986 amnesty. Those promoting the Amnesty action for illegal Aliens try to use relabels or code terms to hide or cover-up the exact same amnesty betrayal job on Americans using terms like “temporary legal status”, “out of the shadows”, “normalization”, “path to citizenship”, “earned legalization”, “migrant worker”, “temporary worker plan”, “permanent resident Aliens”, “work permits for undocumented immigrants”, “registered provisional immigrant (RPI) status”, “Shielding illegal immigrants from deportation”, or “Prosecutorial discretion to NOT enforce U.S. immigration laws” or bringing “undocumented immigrants to get right with the Law” or the oxymoron “lawful illegal Aliens”. The most recent attempt version that was in fact the exact same betrayal ‘shaft job’ was the S. 744 bill brought forward by the Senate group known as the “Gang of Eight”, most recently in 2013 but is also the same as what was rejected by the American People that was attempted in 2006, 2007 by President Bush.

First off Illegal Aliens are NOT Immigrants, they are foreign Nationals intruding that violates National Laws. LEGAL Immigrants that are controlled by Laws ARE WELCOME IN AMERICA. So there is a difference between Legal and Illegal as Illegal Aliens are not Immigrants but are Criminals. If you are an Illegal Alien (undocumented Immigrant) you are a negative impact and are NOT welcome in America.

Second off, LEGAL STATUS OF ANY FORM (“work permits”, ID Cards, Executive Orders,etc.) IS AN AMNESTY. Illegal Aliens being allowed to stay in the U.S. and to not be subject to enforcement of immigration laws or deportation thru ANY form or termed ‘legal status’ IS an AMNESTY by definition of the word ‘Amnesty’ because it removes U.S. Law enforcement off illegal Aliens that allows them to live comfortably at expense of U.S. and to succeed in their criminal intent of intruding in the first place. Not getting Citizenship is not a basis for what constitutes Amnesty. The idea of “If they are not getting citizenship, then they are not getting amnesty” is a ruse Lie deception and falsehood told and shoved at the American People by those in federal govt and media. Illegal Aliens and all those backing the illegal invasion of the U.S. know that they don’t care anything about U.S. Citizenship as along as illegal Aliens are allowed to stay, squat, sit, crime, cheap labor work on U.S. soil while Americans are violated, killed and expensed into societal decline.

“Path to Citizenship” IS AN AMNESTY because it again allows illegal Aliens to stay on U.S. soil with the comfort of getting away with their deliberate crimes of intrusion against the American People and American Communities. ‘Path to Citizenship’, ‘Earned legalization’, ‘Sheilding illegal immigrants from deportation’, or ‘Prosecutorial discretion to NOT enforce U.S. immigration laws’ is a frontal Lie trying to call it not an Amnesty because illegal Aliens are “getting in the back of the line”, ‘pay back taxes, pay fines, learn English’ (this of which would be HIGHLY questionable that our inefficient, corrupt federal govt. could actually carry out with any reliability required on a mass scale). The “path to citizenship” Amnesty Lie is NOT “getting in back of line” because illegal Aliens are actually automatically in the front of line by ALREADY existing,living on U.S. soil! Illegal Aliens and their Supporters could care less about any stinking U.S citizenship – all they care about is seeing illegal Aliens being allowed sanctuary and to abuse U.S. soil with CONTINUED flows of illegal Aliens entering the U.S. U.S. Citizenship that thereby constitutes U.S. Laws of Legal presence, Representation is viewed with contempt, disdain and abused as fodder by those aiding illegal Aliens.

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform” has the same Amnesty Betrayal as the 1986 action contained in the wording where illegal Aliens are allowed the “registered provisional immigrant (RPI)” status = LEGAL STATUS FIRST in the timeline of the legislation. Illegal Aliens that now amass 11-30 million are NOT to be allowed to intrude, violate laws, crime, pillage, rape, kill, steal taxpayer money, create a public violence issue by occupation to keep U.S. Cities and America hostage and to then have their demands to be appeased AHEAD OF, OVER AND ABOVE the needs of the very aspect that the illegal Aliens are violating – U.S. Border Security and U.S. Laws. As the Offenders, foreign National Intruders – Illegal Aliens are the Last to be dealt with as to what is done with their existence on U.S. soil and they need to Reckon for their crimes. The same false LIES of Border Security are in the “comprehensive immigration reform” S.744 proposal – that as they promise Border Security will get done sometime in the future and will be attempted in ANY ‘Immigration Reform’ that tries to appease illegal Aliens – NOPE – Border Security, U.S. Law Enforcement by the very definition of Security MUST COME during a 2-5 year period where America’s defenses are built up, implemented, enforced with TANGIBLE RESULTS whereby Illegal Aliens will have to wait and GET NOTHING. Border defense, Border Wall, Border Security and enforcement of Employer immigration laws internally will ONLY GET DONE when they are placed as the Priority and to be done initially.

There cannot be an AMNESTY action allowed where illegal Aliens are allowed to stay and given reprieve from U.S. Laws. Illegal Aliens will have to leave, and they can walk out of America as easily as they walked in! Illegal Aliens know what they have done and they know there has to be a Reckoning to the Law about their actions. There is no excuse of saying, ‘well everybody else is doing it’. It is well understood and known that there exists a STRATEGY BY NUMBERS of the mass intrusion by Mexico, Latin America Countries. The deliberate intent of a mass intrusion across a neighboring Border by a foreign Nation is an act of invasion and act of war – it is by design made to overcome, overwhelm, to crime, tear down, destroy by abuse and existential taking – much like the act of an Invader in your own home.   11209559_1065837880102177_8292214330779055087_n  The very strategy of invasion is displayed here!  Allowing illegal Aliens to stay in the U.S. by an Amnesty is unacceptable in any terms because the Illegal Aliens do not and cannot pay for what they have stolen, the lives they have killed, for imposing illegal demands of taking, more so it cannot be allowed success in their invasion strategy by collective millions that was the intent of attack, invade and war upon America – this itself fosters an attitude of continued trampling, that America was abused and taken over quite easily by their strategy of existence. NO AMNESTY EVER AGAIN! NO Guest-worker program (the workers are not needed) as there are already many Visa programs for foreign workers already. ENFORCEMENT ONLY!

There has to be consequences of Law in order to demonstrate Deterrence to not break the Laws in first place in order to not have BAD results for society. There is no other way for Illegal Aliens from Mexico,Latin America to pay for their mass illegal intrusion in act of war occupation strategy THEN TO LEAVE U.S. Soil where they can then reapply for Legal entry of the U.S like legal Immigrants do. Since the Lie of giving another Amnesty means that Border Security will never get done, there can then never be an Amnesty, Sanctuary Cities that are a usurpation of Laws and National existence have to be done away with. Illegal Aliens are NOT to have Sanctuary Cities as if they are being put on a Reservation because illegal Aliens are foreign Nationals committing crimes of intrusion with NO Rights to live or work in the U.S. – there is no basis or ground for legal place for an illegal Alien in the U.S.

The idea and selling the Lie to the American People known as “comprehensive immigration reform” or Amnesty is the same false promise of the 1986 failed IRCA legislation. The idea of the FINAL ONE LAST TIME Amnesty – if we just do this one last Final,final,final Amnesty then we can do the enforcement “we promised” and there won’t be any need for any future Amnesty – this is the act of the Lieing contempt betrayal against the American People because the Border Security NEVER gets done. This is also why WE the People hear the non-descript, uncertain terms of more Border security as “more surveillance, more technology, use of drones, or boasts of massive Border security resources” – because they are all false promises where they can promise anything under the sun. The history of immigration Amnesty and its false Lies are the exact reason of why another Amnesty or Legal Status cannot be allowed.

To begin the reason of why there cannot be another Amnesty, is to look at the history of immigration and amnesty. The best example of why there should not be any further Amnesty (Any form of legal status that allows illegal Aliens to stay on U.S. soil indefinitely) is to look at the failure consequences of prior amnesties where doing the same thing over and over does not make sense because it makes illegal immigration even worse or continues the same cycle with never fixing the problem that would have decency and respect for Legal Immigrants that follow U.S. Laws . A total U.S. immigration history can be found here :

But really the worst aspects of illegal immigration and its betrayal of Americans, the U.S. and U.S. Laws starts at the 1986 IRCA Amnesty thru to the present 2016.

After the 1965 Immigration Act passed, while legal immigration increased sharply, illegal immigration rose right along with it. As the Center for Immigration Studies noted, this increased immigration in part because Congress “shifted the legal preference system to family relations and away from employment needs and immigrant ability.” Senator Edward Kennedy said at the time: “The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society.” However, this bill spurred “chain migration” which fueled illegal immigration, along with a sense of entitlement amongst illegal immigrants. In subsequent decades, Mexico has become the primary source country of both legal and illegal immigration. Senator Ted Kennedy can be seen here as the origin of one of the dumbest defiling acts with no foresight – mainly in terms of his selfish wants of giving welfare to illegal Aliens/immigrants to buy their new Votes!

Many illegal aliens also use the lure of “birthright citizenship,” (a/k/a “anchor babies”) to circumvent U.S. immigration laws and gain permanent residency, if not citizenship. This is a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution that grants U.S. citizenship on those born on American soil, including children of illegal aliens. Illegal immigrants know that the odds are low that U.S. immigration authorities will deport them, if they have a child who is an American citizen (and who as a bonus also qualifies for taxpayer-funded benefits).

Since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, Congress has passed seven amnesties:

1. Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA), 1986: A blanket amnesty for over 2.7 million illegal aliens

2. Section 245(i) Amnesty, 1994: A temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens

3. Section 245(i) Extension Amnesty, 1997: An extension of the rolling amnesty created in 1994

4. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Amnesty, 1997: An amnesty for close to one million illegal aliens from Central America

5. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA), 1998: An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti

6. Late Amnesty, 2000: An amnesty for some illegal aliens who claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens

7. LIFE Act Amnesty, 2000: A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty, an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens

As we see here from 1986-2000, Congress and the Democrat Clinton Administration did not execute the Laws properly and proceeded to undermine and disobey the enforcement provisions of Reagan’s 1986 Act that were established to make the 1986 Amnesty the last and final Amnesty EVER! In fact Illegal immigration just got worse because illegal Aliens were given the mentality of success of illegal invasion by amnesty that they could just walk all over U.S. Laws and communities and do as they pleased because they would just get another amnesty. Doing the same failure leads to more of the same failure. – THAT IS One major reason of why Amnesty that is the effect of the “comprehensive immigration reform” is no longer allowable – -because illegal Alien need to be told NO, you are not going to get what you want or have it your way when you are mass intruding. NO America is NOT in a condition, just like any other Nation or community, to allow unlimited uncontrolled entry of inhabitants that overwhelms to harm systems (financial, schools, healthcare) etc. and more so nor should America allow abuse, disrespect, loss of U.S. law, order and well-being to having a Sovereign Nation. Having a U.S. Border is an international law and it is an obligation of the Federal Govt by existence of itself.

The largest of these amnesties was the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) which amnestied about 3 million illegal aliens. This law was supposed to be a compromise — an attempt to finally limit illegal immigration through strengthened border security and increased immigration enforcement against employers — combined with amnesty for the millions of illegal workers in the United States. Illegal immigrants who had resided in the U.S. for five years and met other conditions received temporary legal status, which could be later upgraded to citizenship.

President Ronald Reagan approved this “path to citizenship” amnesty due to what was believed to be a relatively small illegal immigrant population. Unlike many current politicians and amnesty proponents, Reagan called this what it was: amnesty. Unfortunately, there was widespread document fraud and the number of illegal aliens seeking amnesty far exceeded expectations. Most importantly, there was no political will to enforce the law against employers. The 1986 IRCA amnesty failed and actually led to millions of more people entering the United States illegally.

While President Bill Clinton made some efforts to combat illegal immigration during the 1990s, the problem remained. In 1996 the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 was passed. Still, leaders from Central American and Caribbean nations relied heavily on untaxed remittances sent back to their countries from the United States, and worried that Clinton would support mass deportations. While at least paying lip service to enforcement of laws, Clinton assured these leaders that there would be no mass deportations. There were about 7 million illegal aliens residing in the U.S. when he left office.

The eight years of President George W. Bush’s administration saw a marked increase in illegal immigration and a drop in immigration enforcement throughout much of his tenure. For example, the number of illegal aliens arrested in workplace cases fell from nearly 3,000 in 1999 to 445 in 2003, with the number of criminal cases against employers during this period falling from 182 to four. Not surprisingly, by 2005, there were an estimated 10-20 million illegal aliens living in the United States. Even at the end of 2007 after the Bush administration’s enforcement crackdown had been underway; only 92 criminal arrests of employers had taken place, in an economy that, according to the Washington Post, includes 6 million businesses that employ more than 7 million illegal foreign workers.

Despite the failure of past amnesties and the fact that these increase illegal immigration, Bush repeatedly pushed mass legalization (amnesty) schemes for illegal immigrants using the well-worn line that they “are doing jobs Americans will not” or “are not” doing. One scheme was the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act 2007 which was defeated by widespread popular opposition.

Now under President George W. Bush we see a couple other very disturbing actions that took place that clearly showed that Bush and the Federal Govt were moving toward, ramping-up an all out disregard for U.S. Laws, U.S. Borders and all out betrayal of the U.S. regarding ILLEGAL entry of the U.S. The first such act of giving in, promoting illegal incentives or allowing even more illegal immigration by the Bush Administration was the 2002 Mexican ID Card (matricular consular) push BY THE MEXICAN GOVT. Only 1 year after the horrific (immigration factored) 9/11 terror attack at the NY World Trade Center, the Mexican Govt (in a very disrespectful insulting non-U.S. Ally move) proceeds to belligerently ram an ID Card issued by their Mexican Consulates in America in each U.S. State so as to essentially try to maintain, ‘legalize’ their illegal Alien population on U.S. soil. The Mexican Govt went and lobbied U.S. Banks, State welfare service offices, DMV’s, local/State law enforcement police, etc. to accept the ID card as valid ID in order for their foreign illegal Alien Nationals keep their livelihood function in theU.S, to bilk more money off the U.S. and to escape immigration prosecution/deportation. Even though the FBI and the new ‘Homeland Security Dept’ under Tom Ridge panned the mexican ID Cards as unsecure, unverifiable, counterfeit prone, the Bush Administration and U.S. Treasury (under John Snow at the time) ALLOWED the use of the ID Cards EVEN WHEN AMERICA was at its most vulnerable point and trying to be kept safe from further Terror attacks following 9/11!! So the U.S. Border was NOT secured and allowed as open door possibility for more Islamic jihad terrorists to wreak havoc on America.

Then the worst affront by a sitting U.S. President on U.S. Laws, U.S. Border sovereignty and immigration occurred on March 23, 2005 when President Bush met with Mexican President Vicente Fox and the Canadian Prime Minister in Waco, Texas to announce the real purpose of the failed NAFTA to unite in a depressed economy and to announce a “new Union” under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) that essentially was to undermine the Borders of the U.S. that would lead to a “North American Community” of the three Nations that essentially meant terminating the United States as a Nation. This plan was designed to so-called ‘INTEGRATE’ the 3 Nations (U.S., Canada, Mexico) in ALL ways possible – security, economically (truly the only one thing really wanted by the Promoters (wealthy Elites such as the CFR – Council on Foreign Relations) so they could money profit more at America’s expense), financially, and worst of all ‘POLITICALLY’ which means no such notion of having Countries with distinct sovereign laws and Culture. This plan was vehemently rejected by the American People and the Canadian People quite obviously and relegated to the backwoods back burner in attempts to back-stab the American people in some other way. The idea of a ‘North American Union’ modeled after the now corrupt socialist total government European Union is not beneficial and should be thrown in trash.  What is made worse is that both President Bush and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton goes down to visit the Mexican President and tells him that they will be trying to get an amnesty to shove more illegal Aliens into America — stabbing the American People and the U.S. Nation in the back, annihilating the idea of U.S. Laws and a U.S. Border!


Later in summer of 2005 the rise of the American People to defend America’s Border at Mexico resulted in the Minuteman Project where Americans went down to the Border and physically stood as the line of defense with 2nd Amendment protection to show that America is to remain a sovereign Nation. The Minutemen successfully stopped the ILLEGAL immigration flow of illegal Aliens just walking in to America for two weeks that showed that Enforcement and Border Security can be done. Still though, Bush and the Federal Govt scoffed at America, the American People actually securing the U.S.-Mexico Border and even at a press conference while standing in front of the Mexican President Vicente’ Fox, Bush called the American People Minutemen “a bunch of Vigilantes”. It has been these actions particularly, along with some other Executive overreach trampling the Constitution such as Patriot Act violations, that had earned George W. Bush the mantra of “the worst President in U.S. History”. Any U.S. President that sits down with other foreign nations Leaders and signs a document ending the existence of U.S. Borders, hence a U.S. Nation is incompetent and more so that GW Bush was merely a puppet carrying out the projected plans made by the wealthy Elites (the Council on Foreign Relations – plan of “building a North American Community” by Robert Pastor) of betrayal against America. As it stands, Bush was supplanted by Barack Hussein 0bama who is now the worst President in U.S. History. So, that is correct, back to back the two worst Presidents in U.S. History (Bush,0bama) has been since the 9/11 2001 attack on America.

Now history may prove that Bush did some positive outcomes with Iraq to allow him to move off the bottom of Presidents but that remains murky at best. There is no reason to go fix the Middle East getting caught in a Civil war quagmire where ‘Rebel muslims’ easily turn on Americans to become terrorists, getting our weapons to be used on our own Soldiers and spend America down while our back door or our very own U.S. Borders keeps us unsafe and able to be attacked in a state of War that we have with radical Islam and deliberate mass intrusion from Central America. In fact this very action was the failure of the Bush Administration – to play out, drag out the Iraq War for years gaming for money interests while then literally working to open our southern Border for violation while our men and soldiers are in the middle east getting killed leaving America vulnerable – this was the act of betrayal against America by the Elite groups that are behind the ‘Global Order’ that wants to see a declined or non-existence of a U.S. Country, where there is no identity of U.S. Laws, U.S Borders, U.S principles of freedom such as the 2nd Amendment. Illegal Entry of the U.S. MUST come to an end, it is the primary priority of National Security and Safety, especially with Islamic Terrorism at our doorstep. Immigration IS National Security and the U.S.-Mexico Border is America’s most vulnerable weakness, because it is our very own U.S. soil itself and therefore it takes priority over and above any use of military or resources being used or going to war in the middle East or in ANY OTHER FOREIGN endeavor or crisis going on.

In 2006, the Bush Administration tried to appease the American Public with the U.S.-Mexico Border problem by making a National TV Address statement to send the National Guard to the Border. This was another staged theatrical show to just make it look like something was being done when in fact the National Guard were not even on the Border, but rather helping the Border Patrol in their offices, watching screens or doing paperwork – it resulted in doing nothing and effectively no real enforcement of the Border.

Furthermore in 2006 also the Bush Administration made another statement of abetting illegal immigration and disrespect of U.S. Laws to push amnesty agenda across the mexican Border with the case of a drug-smuggling incident whereby 2 U.S. Border Patrol Agents, Ramos and Compean, actually did their job and fired upon an armed illegal Alien drug smuggler. The illegal Alien drug smuggler took a bullet in the rear-end but got away back into Mexico. The Bush Administration and its favored connected Texas Attorney proceeded to prosecute the 2 Border Patrol Agents and throw them in jail!! This was done to show the U.S. Border Patrol that they would not be allowed to secure the Border by doing their job, the Border Patrol would have to second guess and acts of enforcement handling of illegal Aliens that was designed to drop the morale and ruin the U.S. Border Patrol as a realistic government agency, who now were there to just pick up paychecks at expense of Taxpayers. President Bush later pardoned the 2 Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean on his last day in office after 2 years in jail and 2 years of fierce outcry by patriotic Congressmen and the American Public.

Today, over 1 million immigrants enter our country legally per year, while the illegal alien population grows by about 500,000 per year. Most of those who violate our borders and enter illegally come from Mexico and other Latin American countries. Only about 6 percent of the illegals come from Canada and Europe. Close to half of all illegal immigrants now residing in the U.S. did not enter illegally but rather overstayed their visas. Just as the federal government has historically failed to secure its borders, it has concurrently failed to closely monitor visa holders.


About 12-20 million illegal aliens currently reside in the United States. California has more illegals than any other state, at about 2.4 million. Others states with high illegal alien populations include Texas, Florida and New York, although many states are now impacted.

Americans of all backgrounds are still seriously concerned about the negative impact of illegal immigration, such as with the number of bankrupted hospitals, overcrowded schools, and increased crime. Taxpayers pay dearly for this, illustrating the high cost of so-called “cheap labor” for some unscrupulous employers and their political allies who for decades have watered down immigration laws. For example, in California alone, as of 2004 the net cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers is estimated to be nearly $9 billion annually.

10482904_751503601539389_4378932551805639737_n   10269556_10202461444560860_7461350665825382767_n

Despite Americans’ opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty, open border advocates are pressuring President Barack Obama to pass yet another mass amnesty for illegal aliens. These special interests and their allies in the mainstream media continually attempt to re frame the debate away from the core issues (e.g., illegality, sovereignty, overpopulation, fiscal costs), and redefine the terms used in the debate. The most common euphemisms for amnesty used by the open-border lobby are: “comprehensive immigration reform,” “pathway to citizenship,” “earned legalization,” “guest” or “temporary worker plan,” and bringing “undocumented immigrants” “out of the shadows.” Citizens concerned about illegal immigration should also be aware that pro-illegal alien advocates often offer the false choice between either mass deportation or mass amnesty. They say that since we can’t “round up and deport 12 million people” we have to provide them with a “pathway to citizenship” (i.e. amnesty).

Since the Bush Administration left office, the 0bama Administration took the betraying of U.S. Borders, U.S. immigration laws and the American People to new heights that are essentially illegal Actions of Treason and lawlessness. 0Bama’s two Amnesty Executive order actions – DACA and DAPA are unconstitutional, illegal not approved by Congress that 26 States sued Mr. 0bama and stopped the Amnesty in judicial Court. Amnesty, lawlessness is what we have today being promoted by Democrats that want essentially no U.S. Laws of entry, hence no Nation with no identity per the U.S. Flag whereby open Borders would allow anyone to just show up in America and do whatever they want in an unlimited uncontrolled manner. A dumb, senseless manner of running immigration by ‘open Borders’ that liberal democrats propose jeopardizes, gambles Security for American families, communities whereby unchecked entry, unlimited illegal entry is allowed and then IF these ‘Immigrants’ commit crimes THEN we should worry about their Legality or what they are doing in America. This is AFTER-THE-FACT that cares less if Americans are crimed, stolen down, pillaged, raped, killed by anyone who enters the U.S Nation. NOPE – Immigrants need to be checked at the door, at the Border, for their intent of entering America that could be a massive terror attack, if they carry disease, if they are here to abuse, rape or if they are here to not assimilate or foster foreign insurrection against America. Saying that the American People can deal with decline, suffering by unchecked immigration IS NOT KEEPING AMERICA SAFE and it is bad for society.


There can be devised a sensible immigration reform plan that makes immigration to America positive, that fairly respects America that benefits America First. Enforcement of U.S. Immigration Laws, Border Security and renewed immigration vetting and employment standards are to be COMPLETED IN PRIORITY that puts America as the primary responsibility. This 2-5 year period will see that Illegal Aliens are allowed nothing, get nothing and will have to sit and wait for the completion of America’s defenses and this period will serve as their Reckoning for their crimes. America, American People and Legal immigrants are to be rewarded, convenience with their concerns rather then the criminal illegal Aliens.

There is a common sense, humane and cost-effective way to solve the problem of illegal immigration, without resorting to either mass deportation or amnesty. This is called “attrition through enforcement” wherein if our existing immigration laws are consistently enforced and jobs cut off, the number of illegal aliens will return to their home countries over time. The proposed argument choice of saying the solution can only be Mass Deportation (door to door roundup fear mongering to “rip families apart”) or Amnesty is always the false dichotomy argument posed by those wanting an Amnesty to let illegal Aliens stay, squat on U.S. soil such as the mainstream media that it also uses in polls to promote false propaganda that Americans want illegal Aliens to stay, when a resounding 70-80% of Americans know and want our Laws enforced because we see illegal Aliens on our streets violating us daily!

12239943_999018536787893_8354319071753507987_n    22511_10153494011109474_1134353723130768673_n   3478432455_8463f601fd_z

State and Local Law enforcement in compliment with the federal ICE Dept can than enact the 287g program in Cities and States to allow local and State police to detain illegal Aliens when found which will begin to deter illegal immigration and humanely enforces with deportations. The 287g program was successfully used in several cities such as Charlotte, NC that showed positive results. Illegal Aliens are to be detained and deportations can be expedited in courts to be done in 3 days. The Border Wall is to be built that will change, improve the dynamics of our relationship with Mexico that clearly will DETER illegal entry of the U.S. and send the message to NOT even come up to the Border. America, We the People cannot continue with the costs, crime, violence, decline on America – it is a transition time, or Reckoning to make our Immigration system LEGAL and more positive relationship with Mexico and fixes a problem for society that is not all the costs, crime and negative impacts of illegal immigration.

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