Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is false front Group acting as our U.S. Federal Government

Fellow Citizens,

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is false front Group acting as our U.S. govt that has usurped, pushed aside the U.S. Constitution’s ‘Government by the People’ for Anti-America policy and actions.   The CFR calls itself a ‘think tank’ or a forum to discuss issues, that talks among high level Govt Officials, Persons in the media, Corporate CEO’s and wealthy Elites, even Celebrities, actually interacts, infiltrates,influences the U.S. Federal Government. The CFR nearly controls or directs the path of the Executive Branch and our U.S. Congress, State Dept. and foreign policy so much so that in fact the CFR has hijacked our Executive Branch, Cabinet positions over the years.

The CFR is the organization that first proposed the North American Union by writing an initial concept called ‘Building a North American Community’ –by Robert Pastor in 2002 — this concept or action unto itself is the declaration to terminate America as a Nation as well as the U.S. Flag.   This is to create a massive so-called regional Government (just like the bankrupt failing EU) that would essentially terminate America as an Independent Nation or Country when America is merged with Mexico and Canada so that America has no Borders or “open Borders”  that would override the U.S. Constitution and America’s Sovereignty to control or direct Our own affairs, resources and well-being.  Congress would essentially be overridden by this NAU international governing body — this is why the UK passed BREXIT to leave the EU.

Why would this organization known as the CFR come out with such an anti-America, anti-United States proposal called the North American Union (NAU) concept, that is in fact the ‘Open Borders’ concept?!  (Also how in the world is this proposal being put forward just 1-2 years following the debilitating 9/11 terror attacks and war that America was suffering at that period??!)    Even so, the attempt was made by Sellout Forces in 2005, to try to begin a first step toward the NAU by proposing the so-called ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership’ (SPP).  Later in 2009 Cables, e-mail transmissions exposed by Wikkileaks has confirmed the plotting and intent to impose the NAU.  Here is Reporter Lou Dobbs sounding the alarm in 2005:

 NAFTA was a first step of trying to merge and decline America toward to accepting the NAU.  The CFR’s Agenda of the SPP and the NAU calling for ‘Open Borders’  is exactly what Hillary Clinton has now exposed as true in her WikiLeaks e-mail statement saying her plans for America are:

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and OPEN BORDERS, some time in the future………..with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere”.
~ Hillary Clinton

Clinton again here reiterating per NAFTA – tying the economy/trade to ‘Open Borders’ — that ties to ‘integration’ to end Nationhood.

It seems that the establishment and the CFR has Bush and Clintons (and then of course 0bama) doing the same action….


(Notice the megaphone MSM (main stream media) –the designed fraud, dishonesty of the main stream media)

(the overriding vision of globalism is to use “free trade Agreements” as an excuse, cover or as a means to end Nations and install a global government — is then pushed on both 2-Party Leaderships to move aspects of legislation to this path — hence “free trade Agreements” of 1000’s of pages hidden mangled language has less to do about economic Trade than more about dissolving National Laws sovereignty whereas then “integration” via immigration is attempted by the fraud anti-America “free flow of Labor across Borders” in these “free trade agreements”) (this was exactly the same path the European Nations were taken using economic trade starting under the label as the ‘European Common Market’ that then produced the current unnecessary dysfunctional European Union (EU))  — The now being pushed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)  with Asian Nations is more of the same betrayal and deception to undermine Nations in 1000’s of hidden pages!!  — that America should wakeup to reject!

Nation States are healthy competition and they are made in the name Peoples diversity of their Culture, Heritage, and Traditions that do make us different and stronger outside a so called “integrated collective” of the “global community” or socialist global collective.  People, Citizens of Nation, Patriotic Citizens, Immigrants are not just ‘workers’ as a commodity to be used to serve a Global government’s bidding.  National Identity, the principles of freedom success, Culture, Heritage, Traditions, is what the People are and want to retain.

The Following Article pictured below is an older article on the CFR from 1990, it is highly informative of what the CFR is:  (sorry about the small print there)





The CFR in America has two offices – one in NYC, the other in Wash, DC .  The CFR also has branch orgs in other Nations to influence into the same UN global govt ideology – UK – CFR there is called, ‘Royal Institute of International Affairs’ and France – ‘the French Institute of International Relations’!  It is also essential in America to understand and note of the interactions, dealings and personnel position swapping that occurs among the quadrangle Organizations of:  The CFR, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, and The U.S. Federal Government (Cabinet heads, Dept. positions, Congress Members).   Add in the United Nations as a cohort.


Here is the meeting place or dwelling of the CFR operations, called the Pratt House.  The Pratt House is located on the upper East side of Manhattan, New York City —

112613-58E68-DM-1.jpg Exterior of 58 East 68th Street, home to the Council on Foreign Relations, NYC. David McGlynn 11/26/13

112613-58E68-DM-1.jpg Exterior of 58 East 68th Street, home to the Council on Foreign Relations, NYC. David McGlynn 11/26/13

Granted the Persons that are Members of the CFR are well-educated, successful, achieved, talented individuals that have a place in our U.S. society or maybe in some other foreign Nation they choose and may deserve to be wealthy for their success, talents BUT they have no authority or place in betraying America and damaging the American People’s well-being, by trying to misinform, mislead, indoctrinate  Americans, sitting in on our Government that directs a path of tearing down America.  The CFR, UN, Czars or an Elite Adviser has no Constitutional grounds or authority to direct, input or grounds for representation as to the actions of the U.S. Congress, Executive Branch that is the People’s rightful govt. that impacts the American People.

Now names are going to be listed here and these are the familiar names – these come from the 2006 annual report of the CFR (10 years ago), but most of these are likely still members —you will see here that the CFR strategically operates, involves Elite individuals in several critical industries to direct and influence their ideology on America with attempts to brainwash Americans to think that what they (CFR) are doing is good for them (Americans) — (for example the media trying to say that ILLEGAL immigration is good for America or that Middle east Refugees per their UN is an obligation for America).   These Public Figures are separated into the industry they pedal their false narrative against America whether knowingly doing so or NOT (acting as a used uninformed Agent).

These are all Members of the CFR: (there are many others with likely well known names) that since 10 years may have joined or left the CFR and there are roughly 5000 Members:

President of the CFR — Richard N. Haass (pic)– richard-haass-lgHe appears frequently on MSNBC’s morning Joe, CNBC, Bloomberg News or other media outlets to instill his input agenda —Mr. Haass once stated that, “Americans will need to learn foreign languages” .


Tom Brokaw (former NBC anchor)
Andrea Mitchell (NBC, MSNBC)
Brian D. Williams (NBC, MSNBC)                       Dan Rather (former CBS)
Richard N. Haass (MSNBC)                                   Diane Sawyer (ABC)
Katherine (Katie) A. Couric (former CBS)        Barbara Walters (ABC)
Paula A. Zahn (ABC, CBS, FOX)                            Lesley R. Stahl (ABC)
Gerald F. Seib (NY Times)                                     Jim Lehrer (PBS)
Fareed Zakaria (CNN)                                            Dr. Sanjay K. Gupta (CNN)
David R. Gergen (current CNN, former Carter Admin.)
Charles Krauthammer (FOX)                              Douglas E. Schoen (FOX)
Judith Miller (FOX)                                                Monica E. Crowley (FOX)
Rupert Murdoch (FOX)                                        Morton Kondracke (formerly with FOX)


Madeline Albright (former Sec. Of State)
James A. Baker III (former Sec. Of State)
Evan Bayh (former Senator of Indiana)
Alan D. Bersin (Czar – U.S. Border)
Sidney S. Blumenthal (State Dept – Hillary Clinton associate)
John R. Bolton (former Ambassador to UN)
Cory A. Booker (former Gov of NJ, now a Democrat Senator)
Bill Bradley (former NJ Senator)
Paul L Bremer III (former U.S. diplomat to Iraq)
Zbigniew Brzezinski (former Sec. Under Pres. Carter) – (relative Mika Brzezinski – anchors ‘Morning Joe’ show on MSNBC..)
Richard B. Cheney (former VP under Pres. Bush)
Warren Christopher (former Defense Sec. Under Bill Clinton)
Wesley K. Clark (former General, ran for Pres in 2008)
William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton – former Pres. Of the US)
Richard M. Cohen (former Defense Secretary)
Thomas A. Daschle (former democrat Speaker of House)
Christopher J Dodd (former Senator of CT)
Lawrence S. Eagleburger
Dianne Feinstein (current democrat Senator of CA)
David T. Dreier
Gerald R. Ford (former U.S. Pres)
Robert M. Gates (former Sec. Of Defense)
Timothy F. Geithner (former Treasury Sec., Fed Reserve official)
Richard A. Gephardt (former Senator)
Newton L Gingrich (former Speaker of House)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (current Supreme Court Justice)
Michael R. Gordon (former Republican Party Chairman)
Bob Graham (former Senator of TX)
Alan Greenspan (former Fed Reserve Chairman)
Chuck Hagel (former Senator and Sec. Of Defense)
Jane Harman (democrat Rep. For CA)
Gary Hart (former Senator of CO)
Michael V. Hayden (former NSA – Intelligence director)
Richard C. Holbrooke (former Defense Sec.)
Jeh C. Johnson (current DHS Secretary – why he won’t enforce immigration or Border)
John F. Kerry (current Secretary of State, former Senator)
Henry A. Kissinger (Globalist, former Sec. Of State under Nixon)
Jacob J. Lew (current Economic Advisor for Pres.)
Joseph I. Lieberman (former Senator of CT)
John S. McCain III (current Senator of AZ)
George J. Mitchell
Janet A. Napolitano (former Sec. Of DHS –again why DHS would not do its job to secure U.S.)
John D. Negroponte
Grover G. Norquist
Sam Nunn
Henry M. Paulson Jr. (former Treasury Sec.)
Frederico F. Pena (former Transportation Sec.)
David H. Petraeus (former General)
Colin L. Powell (former General)
Jack Reed (current Senator of RI)
Condoleezza Rice (former Sec. Of State)
John D. Rockefeller IV (former Senator of WV)
Donna E. Shalala
John M. Spratt Jr. (former Rep. SC)
George J. Tenet (CIA head at time of 9/11/01 World Trade Center terror attack)
Fred D. Thompson (former Senator of TN)
Paul A. Volcker (former Treasury Sec.)
Paul D. Wolfowitz (former Sec. Of defense)
Janet L. Yellen (current Federal Reserve Chairwoman)
Robert B. Zoellick (former Trade Sec.)
Susan Rice (State Dept – Ambass to UN)
Eric Shinseki (former Sec. Of Veterans – fired over VA death debacle)


Michael R. Bloomberg (former mayor of NYC – Billionaire Socialist Activist)
Erskine B. Bowles                                      Alfonse M. D’Amato
David N. Dinkins                                       Katherine Harris (FL)
Christine Todd Whitman


Angelina Jolie                                                   Richard S. Dreyfuss
Dick Clark                                                     Paul Tagliabue
Michael Douglas


William F. Buckley (Neocon Activist)              Teresa Heinz (wife of John Kerry)
Heidi S. Cruz (wife of Ted Cruz)                   Vernon E. Jordan Jr.
Caroline Bouvier Kennedy
Robert A. Pastor   (Author of ‘Building a North American Community – The North American Union (NAU), Professor at American University)
George Soros (Globalist Billionaire Socialist/Communist Activist)
Kenneth I. Starr (independent prosecutor of Bill Clinton impeachment)


Also Added here are the so-called “Czars” – UNELECTED (hidden from the People) “Advisers or Bureaucrats” illegally created Office that is being paid UNDISCLOSED SALARIES by the American People Taxpayers – These “Czars” are of equal mode of operation as the CFR– unwelcome Controllers of our U.S. and government policy directing OUR affairs and National interests that is NOT the best interests for America but rather to convert the U.S. into Globalism dynamics.

Overdone and accelerated by President 0bama upon taking office in 2009-2010 was the appointment of UNELECTED Officials called “Czars” (UNCONFIRMED by any legislative process (Congress – Senate approval)) to high-level positions over the political and economic life of the Nation.   This is also in part to creating crisis by government to then make excuses for more government — owing in part to the fact that the Federal Govt had taken over corporations in the financial sector (Banks Bailout), automotive sector (Auto Bailout) that had been governed by a private-sector free market.    At the time, House Leader John Boehner accused 0bama of circumventing, subverting the Constitution by appointing more than 30 Czars that also duplicates tasks of Cabinet level positions and their Departments! Here are names of 10 of the “Czars”:

Cass Sunstein —- Regulatory Czar —-   (the most illegal unConstitutional violation and secretive Czar position — creates, writes all the ILLEGAL minutae detail specific regulations of how laws are to be used on Americans to specifically control the lives of Americans — for example Obamacare where the so-called legislation is passed that is not even fully completed and then just added to with all the specific regulation,laws details AFTER THE FACT hidden and violating Americans and their freedom in a personal manner)

Ed Montgomery – Auto Recovery Czar (the infamous ‘cash for clunker’ program scam)
Ron Bloom – Car Czar
Jeffrey Crowley – AIDS Czar
Paul Volcker – Economic Czar
Alan Bersin – Border Czar
Todd Stern – Climate Czar
John Holman – Science Czar
Earl Devaney – Stimulus Accountability Czar
Anthony Van Jones – Green Jobs Czar (Removed from Office when found to be affiliate to Communist Party)
Kevin Jennings – Safe Schools Czar

NOW — Bringing it back to Hillary Clinton and her ‘Open Borders’ remark — as far as her connections and 14358660_1222132484475355_8805932677014277588_nnetwork with the CFR and the same quadrangle Establishment with Goldman Sachs, etc. (like Sidney Blumenthal)  — she made this quote at a CFR speech in the below picture —

Also here is Hillary Clinton speaking at the CFR on U-tube:

Recommendations –

To those CFR Members who are being used and deceived by the CFR, you should immediately divorce yourself of this anti-America organization that is illegally meddling in our Federal Government/Executive Branch Affairs in a negative harmful manner. I urge ALL CFR Members to realize the harm of tearing down America as the Leader of the Free World and the worse depravity of having a global government centralized that will magnify more damage in worse tyranny on a bigger scale. The history and actions of the CFR since 1921 has been a socialist agenda to undermine and counter freedom, free Nations (such as Europe Nations) and America. It is well understood that CFR members have achieved well in our U.S. society and they should respect that stature by not tearing down America that they benefited from.    CFR Members having such levels of talent, intelligence and expertise should easily be able to find more constructive enterprises to take up rather than trying to control the lives of People of a society or tear down advanced civilized Nations of Freedom.  Such CFR Members can apply their talent in many things such as starting a business or going to the foreign Nations that they feel they want to help improve instead of using, pillaging America on the backs of the American People to do it for them.

What the CFR and its associated Elite Intruders/Benefactors of Globalist Agenda want to now say is that America has already started down the path of Globalism (the gutting of America) with NAFTA, other “free trade Agreements”, adherence to United Nations dictates, the now constructed Paris Climate Change Treaty, its integration of taking in Refugees and illegal Aliens (almost non-existent Border Security), The Bush-Clinton Network of its Globalist contacts such as Saudi Princes, Mexican Govt, Multi-national Corporate Businesses and Unions such as Goldman Sachs, SEIU, sold-out betraying govt Agencies such as U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Labor Dept., DHS Dept. – etc., etc. – Continue to preach the false message to Americans that — America can’t secure its own Borders, America can’t have a strong job market for Americans, America can’t undo itself from international “obligations” – its a bunch of BULL,  as America priorities can and will be put into America’s best interests, NOT foreign interests or Globalist Interests.

In short, Americans reject the attempted act of betrayal to effectively TERMINATE America as a Nation per a North American Union Bloc!  Americans REJECT the CFR Members activity, input, advice or presence around or in our (We The People’s) U.S. federal Govt., State Dept, the Executive Branch and our National Media Sources. America is going to put America First and Act for our own Sovereign Independent Affairs. America has through its entire history succesfully welcomed LEGAL Immigrants under controlled numbers to improve and prosper and has done Trade with foreign Nations since its birth under President George Washington long before the invention of “FTA’s” (free trade agreements). Globalism is a false sham of utopian integration, just like the unnecessary concocted 1000’s pages loaded “free trade” Agreements designed to serve selfish wants of the Elite Structure. Those CFR Members who consign to the acts of treason against America should be ashamed and are a disgrace! 

Here is an additional or more clips from recent article released in 2009 by the New American Magazine on the updated history of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) :






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