Welcome to the rabbit hole!

I’ve been gone from politics for a while.  I’m back.  I have too much to say about the current political battle where everything we see and hear Trump say – is turned around backwards my the media and only lies are reported?

Watch this 10-part video.  Consider the allegations.  Watch until the end.  Really, even the very end will leave you shocked at the possibility.  She asks that everyone does their own research into her assertions.

Ponder:  How many coincidences before they are mathematically impossible?

I watched these videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtjTRYrF8X4&list=PLSQh2phaTpiNRZPfCMQk2-okb9x9Ypu3_.  I’m posting the playlist to share with you all.  I’m beginning my research today.  I’ll share important findings with you along the way.

The above video should be a 10-part playlist of “The Fall of the Cabal” by Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands.

If the link above is gone, many other people have posted these videos.  If you have to search for it, search “The Fall of the Cabal Parts 1-10.”  I watched the playlist of Jess Sweet’s channel.  In case this playlist is gone, I posted a second link to another lesser viewed channel below, too.

Another Youtube channel link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxjNX4n5QBA  The real video (not a debunker’s) starts off with black background with a paragraph of white text.  The narrator, Janet Ossebaard, is woman with a European accent.

As I searched Youtube more,  I found lots of videos to discredit Janet Ossebaard.  Interesting.  I might dismiss all of it, if I hadn’t heard much of this info contained in the video over the last 3 decades.  I’ve never heard so much strung together and linked before.  You decide.


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Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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