Why Do They Lie?

I have been reading and reading and studying and studying. We are being gaslighted.

Link: https://www.healthline.com/health/gaslighting

Someone warned me some news will “embarrass the [Republican] party” and that internet trolls were using “trash meant to trick gullible people,” and he further warning me it will “relegate us [Republicans] to permanent minority status.”  I don’t know this guy and we only share 55 friends in common.  With most of my political friends on Facebook, I have hundreds and sometimes thousands of friends in common.  But it started me thinking.

There is a real war for the soul of our nation, as well as, global freedom.

But I see things with my own eyes, and then the fake news reports the opposite.  I saw it with the TEA Party rallies.  The fake news called us racists and domestic terrorists.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  But that same fake news calls BLM and Antifa “protesters,” and say they are mostly peaceful.  That’s a lie!  They lie.  We know they lie.  I can’t believe ANYTHING the fake news says.  What else do they lie about?  The news they report furthers their Anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-tradition, anti-Christian agenda, always.  We are all being gaslighted by the Democrats and fake news.

I can read government reports and charts on the economy, illegal immigration, covid deaths, and crime, but the fake news reports the opposite of what the data says,  whether it’s Trump or Obama administrations.  Everything is good for Obama/Biden/Hillary and everything is blamed on Trump.They put whatever spin it needs to make one group look good and another look bad.  TEA Party bad; BLM and Antifa good.  Black people are good; white people are bad.  Criminals are misunderstood; cops are bad. The fake news plays a zero-sum game with news.  All news is reported as good for Democrats/DC Establishment, and equally all bad for Trump.  Trump boosts the economy, but Obama/Biden/Pelosi get the credit.  Chinese COVID hits the US, and it’s all Trump’s fault.  How????

When fake news reported Pizzagate in 2016 as ‘some funny conspiracy,’  I actually ignored it and never read one word about it.  Even though, there more deaths around the Clintons at that time, again they were dismissed as suicide or tragic, never as suspicious or murder.  Why are there so many?  They must have close to 200 friends, employees, colleagues, or business partners that have met untimely deaths.

The media has recently began dismissing some news on-air as a crazy conservative conspiracies.  Well, if the fake news is talking about them, there must be enough truth there to start misdirecting people’s attention away from it and to label as nonsense?  They label it as nonsense and you a kook for believing it might be true, and now that keeps us from publicly supporting some stories.  No one want s to be labeled a kook.  This is the gaslighting of the American people.

So, I dig for truth or trash.  I know people who might, or do, know if it’s true.  I asked.  They affirm.  All of them.  Sometimes Republicans are really married to the status quo so much they expose themselves as deep state, swamp creatures that should be chased out of DC with the Democrats.

Trump is cleaning house.

Have you seen the news stories about children being rescued in Georgia and Ohio?  Missing kids are being rescued by US Marshall’s?  When have we ever heard that happened?  People are talking about these trafficking rings.  Trump is stopping these rings.  I know it was only 49 kids out of 450,000 missing kids, but this is a start.  Where are all the 450,000 missing kids?  That is a lot of missing kids!  Do we have hundreds of thousand killers taking them for fun, or might there be a money motive, a market for trafficked kids?  Always follow the money.

You cannot deny there is corruption afoot with all the false, unfounded allegations against Trump – Russia collusion, Ukraine collusion, false grounds for impeachment. etc. etc. etc….  The harassment of Trump requires conspiracy between government and media, with assistance of academia too.

Hillary was supposed to win the 2016 election, not Trump.  He has thwarted the establishment politicians that are the gatekeepers of the corrupt status quo.”  Hillary was supposed to be president and protect her awful record as Secretary of State and the Obama Administration. Remember Benghazi?  Our United States Ambassador was killed in Benghazi, Lybia.  I don’t care what his role was there.  He was a representative of the United States of America, essentially the President.  An attack or destruction of any countries’ embassy is war aggression.  It is the same thing as the attack on Pearl Harbor.  A Declaration of War.  Obama and Clinton did absolutely nothing about the attack and murders in Benghazi.

I’m off topic.  My point is, Hillary has so much to lose with a man like Trump as president who wants to look at these past events.  So, the DC swamp continues to try to distract him with false allegation after false allegation.

Government corruption was off the charts with the Obama Administration – Fast and Furious, IRS targeting conservatives, Obamacare, Uranium One, Hillary’s private email server, Chinese influence everywhere,…   Hillary was supposed to be President in 2017, not Trump.  Those in power have been desperate since his election to cover their corruption.  Trump is going to put people in prison.  Watch.  It’s going to happen.

Most people know Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide.  Many think he was killed to keep him from testifying against all the wealthy and powerful people that visited Epstein’s island involved in, what… pizzagate, orgies, sex with under-age children, and unspeakable rituals.  Bill Clinton was the most prominent person to frequent the island.

Why have almost 9,000 CEO’s who are linked to Epstein resigned?”  Why have so many in Hollywood connected to Epstein left their careers and the country?  What are they afraid of?

Consequentially, regular people are investigating and digging for facts much like journalists used to do.  Those days are long gone.  The power lies within the people now.  Light is the remedy for Darkness.  Truth brings light upon the darkness of secrets and corruption.

Think for yourself.

How many coincidences can happen before it’s mathematically impossible for an event to occur?  How often are we told a clear connection between x and y is impossible?  “That’s just a coincidence.”

Think about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, George Soros, BLM and Antifa funding, DNC and BLM, Vice President Joe Biden’s meth-using son’s windfall income of $85,000 a month from the corrupt Ukraine energy company, UraniumOne deal with the Clinton Foundation, etc…  These are just a few.  How often have you seen these events happen?  And the fake news dismisses the links as mere coincidence.

With the Clintons and the Obama Administration it happened all the time.  One connection after another, we were told was just a coincidence.

How many coincidences before it’s mathematically impossible to be a coincidence?

Think for yourself.


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Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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