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Vote AGAINST the Bond on March 15

In the March 2016 primary election, NC residents will be asked to vote for or against a proposal to borrow 2 billion dollars. Is this loan truly necessary? It is important to note that the loan request is not for … Continue reading

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Info on NC’s “Chicken Registration” Mandate

The following interview between radio host Brandon Turbeville and TAP-NC’s Nicole Revels regarding NC’s backyard chicken owner registration mandate was originally posted to Read the entire original article (and listen to a radio interview on the subject) at this … Continue reading

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NC11 Supports Mark Meadows “Fire John Boehner” Resolution

Earlier this week it was announced that NC-11 House Rep. Mark Meadows had launched an effort to oust John Boehner from his post as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Within hours, FreedomWorks hosted a sign wave in North … Continue reading

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Questions from Meeting with Craig Collins (Video)

On May 5, 2015 Craig Collins, one of three candidates for NCGOP Chairman, spoke before the Caldwell TEA Party group. Below are a few of the questions that were asked of him at the meeting. I, for one, appreciated his willingness to … Continue reading

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Urgent Action Needed! NCGA to Mandate Vaccinations (Sign the Petition)

Freedom is under attack in the North Carolina General Assembly. State Sen. Jeff Tarte has introduced SB346, a bill to remove the option of religious exemption from vaccines. Currently under North Carolina statutes, individuals are required to have their immunizations … Continue reading

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NCGA Short Session Action Items

The North Carolina General Assembly convenes tomorrow at noon to begin the short session. Independent North Carolina, an informal NC activists communication network focused on government reform outside of the partisan structure, held our first conference call to discuss issues … Continue reading

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Poll: how will you vote in November?

Now that NC’s primary election has ended, how do you intend to vote in the general election for US Senate? Are there any local candidates you are excited to support? Take the survey, leave your input in the comments below.

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Dr. Brannon Campaign in Lenoir Tomorrow

FYI – The Greg Brannon campaign is doing a tour across North Carolina; they will be stopping in several Western NC towns tomorrow. The Lenoir stop will be: 2:45 – 3:30 PM – 1841 Café, 117 Main Street NW Lenoir, … Continue reading

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NC’s Speaker Thom Tillis Responds to Enviro-Collusion Controversy (Sort of)

A new documentary on NC’s commercial fishing industry has freaked out the North Carolina faux-environmentalists who are trying to run our commercial fishermen out of business for their admitted personal profit. Documentary in question: Here is a synopsis that was … Continue reading

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On Common Core, Homeschool, and Legislators

As learned from my conversations of late with the Caldwell County Board of Education, the local boards are refusing to opt out of the state “suggested” curriculum until the NCGA frees them from the Common Core end-of-course testing mandates. It … Continue reading

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