Candidates General Election 2012

Final Statewide Election Results 2012

Caldwell County election results

SAMPLE BALLOT (v9)  (final list of all candidates and races)

NC State Board of Elections candidates’ listing, with 45-page .pdf, does not include local candidates.

Important election info to know before you vote.

Candidate info from around the state:

============ candidates for November 2012


Barack Hussein Obama (D)


Mitt Romney (R )

Gary Johnson (Libertarian)

Virgil Goode (the only write-in candidate for president in NC)

  • official website –
  • facebook –
  • twitter – @virgilgoode
  • In North Carolina, a write-in candidate must gather signatures from each county and apply to have their write-in votes counted.  Only those who go through the proper State Board of Elections procedures will have their votes counted.  Let’s say Rush Limbaugh gets 1,000 votes for president in NC, zero will be counted and zero will be recorded.  If Mickey Mouse gets 100,000 votes, zero will be counted.  Only candidates approved by the State Board of Elections will have their votes counted. — I just thought you might want to know.

US HOUSE – 11th District   map

Mark Meadows (R)

Hayden Rogers (D)

NC Governor

Pat McCrory (R)

Walter Dalton (D)

Barbara Howe (Lib)

Donald Kreamer (the only write-in candidate)

  • official website –

NC Supreme Court Justice non-partisan race

Paul Newby (R)    — currently holds this office

Sam J. Ervin, IV (D)

Appeals Court (seat 1) – non-partisan race

Linda McGee (D)

David S. Robinson (R )

Appeals Court (seat 2) – non-partisan race

Marty McGee (R)

Wanda Bryant (D)

Appeals Court (seat 3) – non-partisan race

Chris Dillion (R)

Cressie Thigpen (D)

NC Lt. Governor 

Dan Forest (R)

Linda Coleman (D)

NC Secretary of State

Ed Goodwin (R)

Elaine Marshall (D)  — currently holds this office

NC Insurance Commissioner

Mike Causey (R)

Wayne Goodwin (D)

NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

John Tedesco (R)

June Atkinson (D)

NC Secretary of Labor

Cherie Berry (R)    — currently holds this office

John Brooks (D)

NC Treasurer

Steve Royal (R )

Janet Cowell (D)

Commissioner of Agriculture

Steve Troxler (R )

NC Senate 

Dan Soucek (R)    — currently holds this office

Roy Carter (D)

  • 2008 website from a Congressional run in the 5th District
  • facebook –
  • Quote from his home page, his Democracy For America values, “Roy Carter is socially progressive because he has always held to the Democratic values of equality and civil liberties.”  Those words “socially progressive” set off alarms for patriots.
  • At a Caldwell County Democrat Party meeting that I attended, he admitted for the first time he is against Defense of Marriage Amendment (DOMA).  He does not support traditional marriage.  He said something like, I hope that doesn’t get out.

NC House (no Democrat opposition)

Edgar Starnes (R)    — currently holds this office

Caldwell County Commission (no Democrat opposition)

Randy Church (R)

  • official website –
  • facebook –
  • Ran for county commission as a Democrat in 2008, was a Republican from 2002-2004, then a Dem from 2004-2011.  Before 2002, he was a lifelong Democrat.  It’s one thing to have a change of heart like Ronald Reagan or Jessie Helms did, but it’s something different to ping-pong back and forth between the two parties for 10 years.

Clay Bollinger (R)

Jeff Branch (R)

Register of Deeds (no Democrat opposition)

Wayne Rash (R)

facebook –

School Board (non-partisan race)  Vote for 3

contact info for current school board members

Annette Caldwell-Swanson (R )

  • official website – none found
  • facebook – (personal page)
  • Profession – retired Caldwell County principal and teacher
  • Past President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Caldwell County NC Association of Educators (NCAE) quasi union with collective bargaining assertions.

Linda Coffey (R )

Bryan Davis  (party affiliation unknown)

  • official website – none found
  • facebook – (only a personal page and not appropriate for a candidate page)

Tim Hawkins (R )  current Vice-Chairman

Bob Henson (R )

Patrick Hubbard  (party affiliation unknown)

Darrell Pennell (R )  Current Chairman

Charles Woodie (R )

  • official website – none found
  • facebook –  (personal page)
  • Profession – accountant for Blue Ridge Electric

School Board (non-partisan race)  Vote for 1

Duane Knight (R )

Rob Bratcher (R )

========= Presidential candidate info

Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney (R-MA)   5/29 Dick Morris’ opinion  5/30 Romney and lobbyists link.  6/2/11. Announces his candidacy today!6/13 In the CNN debate, candidates got questions about Romney’s Massachusetts failed healthcare mandates called Romneycare.  Tim Pawlenty coins the term ObamneyCare and ties Romney and Obama together on 6/12/11 and in 6/13/11 debate.  6/18/11 Romney’s position on gay rights link.  Romney’s record on economics, gun rights, social issues, and GOP leadership link.  6/21/11 Romney still refusing to sign the anti-abortion pledge from the Susan B. Anthony List. 8/13/11 Romney does well at the Iowa Debate, but skips the Straw Poll.

Virgil Goode (the only approved write-in candidate in North Carolina) –

President Barack Hussein Obama (D) – Signed Stimulus I and II.  Stimulus I was rushed through Congress with the promise the if we can pass this bill in 48-hours, unemployment will not raise above 8%.  Auto Industry bailout and control of those companies (GM and  Chrysler).  Bank bailouts which essentially nationalize banking.  Signed Obamacare, even though 2/3 of the country did not want it. Within Obamacare, college admission for medical, nursing, dental, and veterinary schools are now controlled by the federal government.  College grants, scholarships and loans are now controlled by the federal government.  Within Obamacare, your financial records will be available in realtime to the federal government, if you use Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, or any public option plan.  Pelosi said, “We have to pass it to know what is in it,” and Obama didn’t rebuke her.  So that twisted thinking seems to be the Administration’s mindset. O’Bama has nominated the most Left-wing, Progressive to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor.  Has about 45 Czars in his administration – none of which are accountable to anyone except O’Bama!  The Republican Congress has been trying to gain oversight, but there has been no luck yet on Czar control.  He has made disrespectful statements about our closest foreign allies, England and Israel.  Has declared the US is no longer an Christian nation.  Acknowledges the dictator in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, as well as, the Palestinian President Abbas and their Al Quaeda controlled Hamas government.  O’Bama wants Israel to return to the indefensible borders of 1967.  He has reached out to the Muslim world at breakneck speed and has appeased them in the Middle East.  While at the same time, O’Bama orders the killing of Osama and the immediate disposal of his body????  Has spent almost as much money in his first 2 years, than the entire rest of the country’s history.  We have a $14.3 trillion national debt, and he wants to raise it higher.   Has imposed a national moratorium on new oil drilling both on and off shore, shale extraction, and natural gas extraction.  Gasoline prices have doubled under his presidency, and are expected to continue up to Europe’s prices ($6-8 per gallon).  My electric bill has doubled.  Food prices are significantly higher.  Medical insurance premiums, in many states, have increased 30%.  Unemployment has remained near 10% for his whole presidency. —– You decide if you want another term.  Obama promised to close Gitmo immediately and bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, but he still hasn’t. 6/7 or 8 Obama still trying to convince the public we are in an economic recovery, and further clarified his lam point by actually saying the downturn in the housing market, jobs markets, stock market is just “a little headwind” in the recovery.  Does he really think anyone believes anything he says anymore?  6/13 Obama laughed and said, “Well, the shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready.” Video  Video Does he think it’s funny to spend $1 trillion of our children’s money to get nothing? 8/17-27 Obama vacations in Martha’s Vineyard.  Travel around town with a 40-car motorcade for ice cream and two books. 8/23 After spending $1 billion in Libya, Obama Admin is complicity supporting a new Constitution for Libya based on Sharia Law. (That is crime against humanity.) Obama job approval lowest ever 38%, link. 8/23 Obama signs Executive Order 13583 usurping Congressional power for social justice and diversity (i.e., quotas) in federal hiring link.  Executive Order 13522 linkCreating Labor-Management Forums to Improve Delivery of Government Services” establishes labor union poster announcement for privates business to display to their workers alerting workers they can unionize, if the want to.    12/12/11 Played 88 rounds of golf in 2011, and there’s still 19 days left in the year and 17 days vacation in Hawaii. January 2012 – I don’t need the constitution to do the work of the people.  2/17/12 – Insurance companies must provide for free contraceptives, abortions, and sterilizations of workers in religious institutions like hospitals, universities, schools in spite of their philosophical objections. 6/25/12 – (VIDEO) Obama – “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.” 9/4/12 – at the Democrat National Convention – They voted to adopt the 2012 Platform that removed God and Jerusalem from their platform.  9/5/12 – They voted 3 times to put God back in, all three times they voted no video.  9/14/12 – USA received a second credit rating downgrade to a AA-plus during the Obama administration.  Never before had America’s credit rating been downgraded.  The price of borrow money for all Americans and the government just went up, nothing to sneeze at when we, collectively, owe $16 trillion dollars.  9/30/12 – VIDEO explaining communist, socialist and radical ties to Obama’s past.  VIDEO of his love and support for organized labor.  What about the rest of the country?


oldest revision November Sample Ballot (v2) compiled by Caldwell TEA Party.

Revised November Sample Ballot  (v3) compiled
by Caldwell TEA Party.

re-Revised November Sample Ballot (v4) compiled by Caldwell TEA Party.

re-re-Revised November Sample Ballot (v5)compiled by Caldwell TEA Party.  Another version is coming.

 Sample Ballot v6

 Sample Ballot v7


15 Responses to Candidates General Election 2012

  1. Christine says:

    Thank you, Charles. I’ll put it up.

  2. Christine,

    On the listing of candidates for School Board, Helen Hall is missing. Thought you would like to know.

  3. Christine says:

    Thank You!!! I added her to the list. I apologize for accidentally leaving her off.

  4. Did you know that I passed the iCaucus Federal Candidate Qualifying Questionnaire with a 97%? Here is the PDF you may not have from NC Fairtax :

    and here is some information on where candidates stand on Immigration:


  5. chairmaneddie says:

    Update……..this data is Not a local “straw poll” …..this is Third party unbiased polling of the 11th congressional district by Magellan Strategies and clearly puts Vance Patterson with a four point lead over his nearest competitor. Vance’s job plan is solid and well within the capabilities of a US congressman to accomplish. Vance has stood by the TEA party since it began and being a true blue TEA partier ….. I am going to return the favor.

    PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 20, 2012 –
    11th Congressional District
    Vance Patterson Surges to the Lead in recent Poll

    Waynesville, NC – In a recent independent poll taken across the entire NC-11th Congressional District, now going public, shows that TEA Party Christian Republican candidate, Mr. Vance Patterson, in a fair lead of all the candidates. According to the poll, when asked if the Primary Vote was today, who the person would vote for, Vance Patterson cleared a 4% lead over Mark Meadows and more than a 16% lead over candidate Spence Campbell. Additionally, Patterson took an enormous lead over all the candidates when asked out of all the candidates for Congress, which one have you seen, read or heard about the most. In this reference of poll questioning, Vance Patterson once again beat out Mark Meadows with a heavy and unquestionable 8% lead, and a 23% lead over Spence Campbell.

    There are a total of eight candidates vying for the Republican ticket in the NC -11th Congressional District. Magellan Strategies who has given the following statement took the poll.

    April 19, 2012
    Magellan Strategies Disclaimer for
    Release Vance Patterson for Congress (NC-11)

    This survey was conducted using automated telephone touch tone technology. The sample used for this survey was randomly drawn from a North Carolina voter file. The survey response data was weighted based upon voting demographics from past North Carolina Republican Primary election cycles. The 778 interviews were conducted on March 26th and 27th, 2012. Three attempts were made to interview each household in the sample. This survey has a margin of error of 3.51% at the 95 percent confidence interval. Magellan Strategies CEO, David Flaherty has been in the political research industry for more than fifteen years. Magellan Strategies does not condone biasing survey responses for clients or the general public. For any questions regarding methodology of this survey, please contact David Flaherty at 303-861-8585 or Also, for more information visit our website at

    The full results of this poll are included in this content.
    Upon the poll statistics, Vance Patterson remains humble and motivated to continue forward in his campaign as he has done since the beginning. “Thus far, the results are encouraging, but there is still a lot of work to do in continuing to get out my message, which is Jobs, Prosperity Now, We don’t have to wait,” states Patterson.

    “I am all in for North Carolina.” – Vance Patterson

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