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Location Change for Jan Morgan Tonight

11/19 – Yadkin Valley TEA Party will host guest Jan Morgan, woman who refused to allow Islamists to shoot are her PRIVATE gun range, the Gun Cave. Location Changed:  Farmington Community Center, 1723 Farmington Rd, Mocksville, NC 27028.  EXIT 174. … Continue reading

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Meeting Reminder Tuesday 11/17

11/17 – Caldwell TEA Party will be showing a movie at the meeting about women living under Islam. 7pm at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645. All candidates welcome! Thursday, 11/19 from 7-9pm, Jan Morgan … Continue reading

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Call Congress and Your Governor This Week About Syrian Refugees

In light of the, Paris attacks this weekend, it is too dangerous to take in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of military-age males from Syria.

Independently, the FBI and CIA have said these refugees cannot be vetted with any amount of surety. ISIS has looted and stolen official papers, documents, passports, etc, as they have blundered Syrian office buildings. So even if these refugees have real documents, the names and indentities are now unprovable. Continue reading

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40 Action Items

From the meeting tonight, here is the list of 40 Action Items I read from Michael Savage’s new book, Government Zero, (released Oct. 27, 2015). Start a Nationalist Party. Close the borders completely for 7 years. Deport all illegal aliens … Continue reading

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A Winning Conservative Agenda

Read this short article by Daniel Horowitz where he outlines an easy agenda for the GOP in Washington. Tackles the big, low hanging fruit to save families, businesses and ultimately the country. Continue reading

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Ebola and the End Game

I listened to this Oct. 2nd show today. A MUST LISTEN SHOW about Ebola and who or what might be behind the infection. (Click for the show link.) Continue reading

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Know the truth; Know thy enemy

You have never heard these facts. I thought I knew a great deal about Islam, but the real history has not been taught or even talked about. Please get informed. In the Islamic sacred texts, we are the enemy (Infidels, Kafirs and Dhemmis) and can be lied to, subjugated, and killed. The interesting part of the Islamic world-view, is that Jews and Christians are bad, but so are atheists, pagans, and apologists. Only adherers of Islam are safe, unless you’re not seen as “Muslim enough”. Continue reading

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