2014 Calendar


12/2 – Christmas get together for Dinner at A J’s. No gifts. Just come for a relaxed evening with friends.

GUEST: Bill Warner, PhD, founder of Center for the Study of Political Islam and Bulletin of the Oppression of Women (news blog about worldwide oppression of women), and an eagerly sought after speaker. — if not Bill, then another similar speaker. The exact guest is being finalized now.


11/4 – ELECTION DAY! …….. Remember Elections really do matter! Remind your family and friends to VOTE. You must vote in your precinct or your vote will not be counted (even though you will be allowed to cast a provisional vote in another precinct).

11/18 – November 18 Caldwell Tea Party meeting at the Lenoir library. 7:00 pm. Planning meeting so come with ideas.

Blessings for Happy Thanksgiving


10/ 7 – TOM HILL (D) candidate for US House of Representatives District 11, Mark Meadows (R) challenger. JUDICIAL CANDIDATES are welcome and encouraged to come for the Meet and Greet at 6:30 to meet the public and to introduce themselves. Meeting begins at 7pm at the library.

10/9 – C-POWER (Wilkesboro’s TEA Party group) meeting at 7pm. Dr. Greg Brannon will be their guest. Dinner at 6pm at Cangy’s in Wilkesboro. Click hehttp://www.cpower.us/page3.htmlre for address and details.

11/13 – C-POWER meeting at Cagney’s Restaurant in Wilkesboro. Jake MacAuley from the Institute on the Consitution (IOTC).

10/21 – CALDWELL TEA PARTY meeting 7pm at the library. SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES – Teresa Branch, Dottie Darcia, Helen Hall, Duane Knight, Joe Sims and Annette Caldwell-Swanson. All candidates are welcome for the Meet and Greet at 6:30. Dr. Oddie Crist will give brief remarks on Common Core.

10/30 – WHAT is Common Core??? Dr. Oddie Crist, author and minister, will hold a Question and Answer session, seminar for teachers, parents, students, grandparents, and any other interested people. 3rd grade is one of the most difficult years for students now. Join us at the library from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. (See 8/19 meeting for more details about Dr. Crist.)


9/2 – Caldwell TEA Party MEETING 7pm at the library. GUESTS: NC Senator Dan Soucek (R) and candidate for NC Senate Dan Sponenberg (D).

9/3 – watch Tillis Hagan debate in Newton at Blue Moon Cafe. http://us8.campaign-archive2.com/?u=4333877f9df848310b384cdd4&id=35dff05de1&e=1cab0afd17. Comical relief provided by Kay Hagan.

9/13 – Mark Meadows BBQ fundraiser at 6:30pm at Caldwell County Fairgrounds. Tickets $25 per person. See MeadowsforCongress.com for contact info.

9/16 – CALDWELL TEA PARTY Tuesday 7pm at the library. SOIL AND WATER candidates, JUDGES and Dr. Ody CRIST will be our guests tonight. School Board candidates will not be there tonight; they have another event they are attending. All candidates WELCOME!


8/19 -Caldwell TEA Party MEETING at 7pm at the library. Confirmed GUEST: Dr. Ortrud Crist, author and minister, speaking on the history and events leading up to WWII and how the citizens of Germnay were manipulated by their government. Her bio http://lovetreeministries.com/about-dr-crist-2/biography/. Consider this, TOLSTOY said, “History would be great if it were true.” Santyana said, “Those who don’t learn History are doomed to repeat it.” Dr. Crist has followed her parents and grandparents example for standing up for her convictions, getting involved, and making a difference in her new country – America. By sharing her family experiences, she hopes to encourage Americans to preserve a free country for our children and grandchildren. Educating ourselves is essential. Come join us at 7:00pm. Come early to meet Dr. Crist.

8/5 – CALDWELL TEA PARTY MEETING. 7pm at Library. Judicial candidates gathered and introduced themselves.

JULY 2014

7/3-12 – Early Voting begins!

7/15 – Run-Off Election Day!! Go vote for the candidate of your choice today!!

7/15 – Steve Bogdan is hosting this meeting at AJ’S Steakhouse behind the fireplace in the front room in Lenoir at 6:30pm. Steve said, ‘OK, I got the confirmation from Dan Kuehnert, candidate for District Court Judge. He wants to talk about history and our government. Judy has invited a few judicial candidates too. Shoney’s closes at 8pm, so I’m telling everyone that the meeting will start around 6:30pm and be there earlier for dinner. I’m praying for a good turnout.’

7/18 – Event to take place Friday July 18th in Lenoir City locale from 4-7 pm. Contact if interested: e-mail: ronkingkong48 [at] yahoo.com. A lawful and peaceful protest that is protected by First Amendment and allowed under Lenoir City Law Enforcement. This event done in conjunction with Americans for Legal Immigration (www.alipac.us). See the full article about this rally here.

JUNE 2014

6/5-8 – NCGOP CONVENTION at Harrah’s in Cherokee NC

MAY 2014


5/17 – Oathkeepers meeting 1pm at the Library.

APRIL 2014

4/1 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Candidate for US Senate Mark Harris will be our guest. 7pm for the meeting. LOCATION CHANGE: Caldwell County Library. ALL CANDIDATES WELCOME.

4/5 – Lance Wilson “New Beginning” Campaign Rally at Caldwell County Fairgrounds from 10am to 6pm. Sheriff Mack will take the stage with Lance in support of his campaign. Mack best known for challenging gun control laws of the Brady Bill, suing the Clinton Admin and winning, being an Oathkeeper, and his successful March On Washington in 2010. Entertainment Featuring “Inspirations” and Steve Warren a great southern gospel award winning group. Facebook event link.

4/10 – C-POWER meeting in N. Wilkesboro at Cagney’s Restuarant. Dinner at 6pm. Meeting at 7pm. http://cpower.us/

4/10 – Catawba Valley TEA Party meeting at YMCA Red Barn in Conover at 6:30pm. http://www.meetup.com/CatawbaValleyTeaParty/

4/11 – LAST DAY TO SWITCH PARTIES TO VOTE IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. There is only one local Democrat on our ballot in Caldwell County – Clerk of Courts and she will not be on the ballot until November. Democrats on the May ballot will be US House race. So even if you are a Democrat, if you want to effect change in Caldwell County you will have to re-register as a Republican or an Unaffiliated voter. If you register as an unaffiliated voter, you will have to request a Republican ballot when you vote.

4/11 – Oathkeepers meeting at 1pm at the library hosting Lance Wilson for Caldwell County Sheriff.

4/15 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. 6pm dinner and 7pm for the meeting. LOCATION CHANGE: AJ’s Steakhouse in Lenior on Hwy-321. ALL CANDIDATES WELCOME.

4/26 – 11th District GOP Convention at Tuscola High School in Haywood, NC. Convention time to be announced. Lunch at 11am.

4/22 – NO tea party meeting.

4/24 – Possible Sheriff’s debate this evening.

4/24 – 5/3 – EARLY VOTING

4/26 – Turtle Island Preserve – Families Learning Together with Eustace Conway. fb event. EventBrite link. Tickets $5-$10 each.

MARCH 2014

3/4 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. ALL CANDIDATES FROM ALL PARTIES WELCOME. Bob Penlund will brief the meeting on Rep. Mark Meadows current issues in Washington. Discussion of Connecticut gun grab, Missouri gun defense, and the NC sport fishing vs. Commercial fishing. Candidates present: Mark Meadows representative Bob Penland, Scott Riley for DA, Ben Griffin for County Commissioner, and Lance Wilson for Sheriff representative (sorry, I don’t remember her name).

3/11 – Caldwell GOP meeting. — County Convention will happen this month, usually on a Saturday in the morning. I will post as soon as I find out details.

3/13 – C-POWER meeting. Heather Grant is their guest. Meetings at pm.

3/18 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. US Senate candidate Heather Grant will be guest. ALL CANDIDATES WELCOME. 6pm dinner and 7pm for the meeting. Location: AJ’s Steakhouse in Lenoir on Hwy-321.

3/20 – District Attorney (DA) Forum at the Green Room Auditorium in Newton at 6:30pm(?). Contact Steve Graves on facebook for more info.

3/22 – Foothills Oathkeepers meeting. Sheriff Jones will be the guest. 1pm at the Caldwell County Library. Meetings are open to the public.

3/29 – Caldwell County GOP County Convention at the library. 8am registration begins. 9am convention begins. You can not be late!! Precinct meetings will be held between 8-9am. The convention begins at 9am sharp! A new county chairman and officers will be elected this year. Lots of candidates will be given an opportunity to speak. You must be present to sign up to be a district delegate and state convention delegate.

3/31 – Congressman Mark Meadows in Lenoir hosted by Caldwell County GOP. Email Sandra Jaynes.


2/4 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Discuss Common Core and the urgent need to communicate with Raleigh about the limited pro’s and numerous con’s (questions) pertaining to Common Core. It is urgent we contact The Education Committee asap. There is a deadline coming in April, but committee meetings need to be scheduled. 7pm at the library.

2/4 – Caldwell Democrat Women meet the first Tuesday of each month at the Caldwell County Library at 12:30pm. http://caldwelldems.org/north-carolina-democratic-womens-meeting/#comment-5

2/10 noon – 2/28 noon – Candidate filing period.

2/13 – C-POWER meeting in Wilkesboro Mike Jones great group. For Details see their website http://cpower.us/

2/18 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting. Common Core is again on the agenda. There is a Common Core hearing on Thursday, 2/20, in Raleigh. ALL CANDIDATES WELCOME.

2/20 – Education Committee is having a hearing on Common Core in Raleigh at the Capitol. This meeting is open to the public, but no public comment is permitted. See link below.

10:00 AM Committee on Common Core State Standards (LRC)(2013)
2/22 – Trauma First Aid and Land Navigation (intro) classes at 1:00pm at the Caldwell County Library. Offered by Foothills OathKeepers. Public is welcome. Meetings 4th Saturday at 1pm.


1/7 – Meeting Canceled The weather is too cold. Stay home and stay safe. Therefore, this week’s meeting is canceled.

Do you feel alone? Are you ready to give up on politics? We’re not.

After the last 6 years, we have seen lot of changes in government. Some of you have just reached your limit, some have been fed up for awhile, a few of you noticed something very wrong right away in 2008, and still others saw the problems even before that. No matter when you noticed, you are not alone.

Our mission is to educate all voters about candidates and issues in the elections in which we responsibly vote. It is our civic duty to be informed.

We have been meeting openly and regularly since March 2010. We welcome members who are Democrat, Republican, Independent, and Libertarian. If you have never voted and want to learn more about elections, political parties, and important issues – COME SEE US!

1/10 – Only 30 days before Candidate filing begins. Find smaller government people to run for office! Is it you?

1/14 – Caldwell Republican Party meeting 7pm at the Caldwell County Library. US Senate candidate Mark Harris was scheduled to be at this meeting. The County Convention is in March. Please attend these next few meetings is you would like a say in your county’s local Republican Party politics. So instead of a TEA Party meeting, I’m going to this one GOP meeting. Join me. Democrat Women meet in the first Tuesday at 12:30 at the library.

1/17 – Dan Forest will be in town at the Broyhill Civic Center at 6:30pm. He will be the keynote speaker at an Edgar Starnes fundraiser. Tickets are $50 each. — more info Link.

1/25 – Common Core Seminar, A B Tech, Rhododendron Hall, Room 351, Asheville. Saturday from 9am – 4 pm. Includes snacks, lunch. John Locke, Educational Alliance, Dan Forest/staff presenters. $15. See here for details http://ashevilleteaparty.org/?p=9100
Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/common-core-confront-the-impact-in-your-childs-school-tickets-9603499325



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