EASY PRINT – handouts

Use this page to find printable flyers and important information.  Open the documents, save them to your computer, then you can attach them to emails or print them.

VOTER GUIDE <——– Updated last 3pm, 10/18, 2

This Voter Guide is not an endorsement of any candidate, only informational.


CALDWELL TEA PARTY flyer 1011 week

======= HAND OUTS from the meetings ==========

The stunning decline of Barack Obama

ATR Six Months to Go Until tax increases Info in Jan 2011 tax increases

LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTED OFFICALS Contact information on all Caldwell County elected officials.  Good stuff!

THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS AND SENATE An interesting idea I received by email. I want to ask our House and Senate candidates how they feel about this.  This is what we want in 8 easy steps.


2 Responses to EASY PRINT – handouts

  1. howard herron says:

    If possible I would like a list of all Tea Party backed candidates or candidates that are Tea Party friendly. Thanks

    • Christine says:

      An excellent question. The Caldwell TEA Party is not set up to endorse candidates. The voter information is designed to provide an objective look at candidates views. It is for you to decide how their views and your own will align. 754-8039.

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