Agenda 21

Dr. Dan Eichenbaum’s  excellent Agenda 21 lecture and power point from 6/23/12.  At the 10-minute mark the lecture gets to the meat of Agenda 21 today.  (Introduction of Dr. Dan begins around 2-minute mark.  He begins speaking and giving a liberty and freedom history lesson at the 4-minute mark.) Mark Meadows is asked to make some remarks about Agenda 21 (1:12.14 mark).  Dr. Dan to Mark Meadows, “Thanks for having my back. I appreciate it.” at the Cherokee County Commission meeting regard Agenda 21 funding (1:14.08). 

Neal Thomas’s blog dedicated to Agenda 21 news around North Carolina – Gaspee Gazette.  Neal’s 3-part series of lectures

NC GOP in 2012 added anti-Agenda 21 resolution to their Platform –

Law of the Sea Treaty

John Birch Society works hard against Agenda 21

Know thy enemy —  To see the information from Agenda 21 / UN source, click “Programs”, click “Agenda 21” near the bottom of the page.  The details of the assault on American private property rights, known as Agenda 21, is all there.  Read it and weep.  Then call you county commissioners, state legislators, and federal representatives.  Inform them.  Share this link with them.



============================== added 7/22/12:

If it costs you 5x as much to own and operate your vehicle, would you still choose to do so? Smart Growth / Sustainable Development is all about coercing you out of your car. Freedom of travel is a threat to the globalists. You might be out of their control.

This is like when Obama said when he was campaigning in 2008, “Energy prices will necessary skyrocket.”

This is all part of “nudging” us towards communism, according to Cass Sunstein’s plan. I have two relevant videos.

One is a Barbara Simpson interview of Mimi Steele about California’s Bay Area struggles. Please listen.  California is the canary in the coal mine.  As California goes, so goes the rest of the country.  They are fighting this real battle, we merely have a real threat here in NC.  We want to stop Agenda 21 and “Sustainable” anything here.

The second video to listen to is by my hero Michael Savage. His topic: Cass Sunstein, a very dangerous man who is set on destroying America, in terms of destroying American Exceptionalism, values, and capitalism.

btw, this is all part of Agenda 21.

As California goes, so goes the rest of the country. These people are fighting Agenda 21, Sustainable development, Green BS now. There is no imagined threat. The threat is real. Read the crazy stuff cities are trying to implement today.



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