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Warning: LIGNET Reports Iran May Be Planning Terrorist Attack With Al-Qa’ida

LIGNET: February 17, 2012 — Reports that Iran is cooperating with al-Qaeda on plans for a “spectacular” attack on the West have to be taken seriously, particularly in light of the attempted assassinations of Israeli diplomats last week and the revelation last year that al-Qaeda had begun using Iran as a transit point to its bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iran could be helping al-Qaeda in very specific ways to plan the kind of high-profile attack that would allow it to once again assert itself as a serious threat to security in the world. Continue reading

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News from the week, 3/26

“Are we on the wrong side” of international issues??” — Glenn Beck said, “The gates of hell are about to open up, and we will do nothing.”  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/beck-tv-are-we-on-the-wrong-side/ NC Rep Deborah Ross Says Mexican & Honduran illegal aliens Are Americans … Continue reading

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