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Mitt Romney just awoke a sleeping giant (the American People)

Oh she’s mad!!! Where was Romney when Barack Hussein Obama was lying to us about keeping our medical coverage and doctor if we like it? Where was Mitt’s offense when Obama and Clinton allowed a US Ambassador to die? Where … Continue reading

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News from the week, 3/26

“Are we on the wrong side” of international issues??” — Glenn Beck said, “The gates of hell are about to open up, and we will do nothing.”  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/beck-tv-are-we-on-the-wrong-side/ NC Rep Deborah Ross Says Mexican & Honduran illegal aliens Are Americans … Continue reading

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Bus Trip ~ August 28th “Restoring Honor”

If you would like to take a bus ride up to the August 28th Glenn Beck event – Restoring Honor in America, please sign up and pay for your bus ticket. Each bus will have a restroom on board. We will make an overnight drive to DC, so please bring snacks & drinks for the day. There is room for folding chairs and sign. We will make a stop for breakfast and dinner on the way. We will load the buses in DC around 6pm to return home. Continue reading

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