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Asheville TEA PAC’S Machine Gun Social Fundraiser on Saturday 9/5

Asheville TEA PAC fundraiser will support 2016 campaign for candidates who adhere to Constitutional authority. (We don’t support candidates who voted to gut NC Voter ID law, drones in your yard, common core, amnesty, Obamacare, trample on your religious freedom, … Continue reading

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2nd Amendment stands for Right to defense of the People –“gun-control” seeks to misplace criminal acts ,“universal” infringes by ‘trojan horse’

Killing with a gun is a crime, if not in self defense. Mass shooting like Newtown is a crime. You can also kill with a knife, baseball bat, hammers, etc. all of which may be a crime. Individuals have a responsibility to not commit crimes or be penalized. It is not a ‘Collective’ or ‘community’ responsibility to be penalized for an individual’s crimes. Continue reading

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EPA wants to ban lead Ammo

This ammo ban is coming people. I gotten so many emails and tweets about this proposed action from our overreaching government.  I saw it on the news this morning. Please take the necessary actions listen in the link to let … Continue reading

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