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Mitt Romney just awoke a sleeping giant (the American People)

Oh she’s mad!!! Where was Romney when Barack Hussein Obama was lying to us about keeping our medical coverage and doctor if we like it? Where was Mitt’s offense when Obama and Clinton allowed a US Ambassador to die? Where … Continue reading

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“Mike Huckabee: Establishment Needs to Be Grateful This Is a Revolution by Ballots Not Bullets”

…The whole thing was surreal. What I don’t think the establishment folks are getting – there is an overthrow of our government taking place before our eyes. And they need to be grateful that it is a revolution by ballots not bullets. Continue reading

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RNC Delegates to be Eunuchs

This is a report from an RNC delegate from our 11th District, a fellow TEA Partier, Republican, and now an angry delegate. At the 11th District Convention in May, 17 people (including me) stood on the stage and asked to be elected one of the six delegates to the RNC Convention in August. http://wp.me/pWGJR-1pU Continue reading

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Vance, Meadows, iCaucus conference call

Vance has self-funded his campaign, mortgaged his house, and says he’s not going to ask anyone for money. I asked Vance if he had another $1 million to $1.2 million to fully fund his campaign? He said “This election is not about defeating Hayden Roger’s! It’s about America!” To which the phone call erupted in “YES IT IS ABOUT BEATING HAYDEN!” We tried to make Vance understand that if you can’t get elected first, then you can’t help America. He seemed too angry to hear us.

After the call, I wondered about his level of accountability if he should take office. I wondered if he will be transparent in office, or will he block questions. If questions about campaign positions and campaign finances sends Vance over the edge now, what will his attitude be in office when he must participate in monthly iCaucus conference calls about pending and passed legislation? If recent behavior is any indication of future behavior, I’m not sure he will be as accountable once in office as we hope. Continue reading

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