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Find Out What Else You Can Do To Force Boehner To Vacate Speaker Chair

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC11) Resolution to vacate the chair is resonating nationally, not just here in NC. In less than 12 hours of going live, the FreedomWorks petition already has more than 25,000 signatures in nation wide support! NC11 is NOT alone! Continue reading

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Asheville TEA PAC’S Machine Gun Social Fundraiser on Saturday 9/5

Asheville TEA PAC fundraiser will support 2016 campaign for candidates who adhere to Constitutional authority. (We don’t support candidates who voted to gut NC Voter ID law, drones in your yard, common core, amnesty, Obamacare, trample on your religious freedom, … Continue reading

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So much going on…

Check the calender now for complete details. There a few of the great opportunities this week. I update the calendar all the time (no emails are sent). So, you just have to check it to stay up to date. (Click the link and check it out!) Continue reading

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iCaucus – Tedesco endorsement

“This week, John Tedesco received the I-Caucus endorsement, a nation wide organization with vetting teams in every state. With that endorsement comes a dozen other iCaucus Affiliate groups comprising of Tea Party Groups from across North Carolina. John is the second candidate to earn a 100% of the vote from iCaucus members and members of NC Affiliate groups. Why the overwhelming support for John? Simple. He is the only candidate in this race who cut government spending, shrunk the size of the bureaucracy and increased parental choice. Yes. “Tea Party Tedesco”, as he is known by his opponents,… Continue reading

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