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Who Really Shutdown the Government

This is the 18th federal government shutdown since 1976. There were 12 government shutdowns under Reagan.

US Senate last passed a federal budget in 2007 under the Bush Administration. They didn’t pass one in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and nothing in 2013 yet. America has been running on CR’s. Continue reading

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Rep. Meadows statements from March 5 and 6th

Click for Meadows’ official position and video. — I was called this morning at 10:20am to join a conference call with Rep. Meadows this morning at 10:45am. He had some remarks to make to leaders around the 11th District about the important Continuing Resolution vote today. He wanted an opportunity to personally explain his position and take questions and comments. I’m glad he has posted his official position on his website and well as his office posting the Heritage Foundation’s Blogger’s Briefing from yesterday – both posted above. Rep. Meadows seems to really be making an effort to remain connected to his District. THANK YOU, CONGRESSMAN!!! Continue reading

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