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10,000 legal illegals can vote? NCFIRE is busting this story wide open

The NC State Board of Elections is under scrutiny by Voter Integrity Project and NCFIRE for allowing up to 10,000 Dream Act illegals to vote. And another 4,000 Somehow, the Dept of Homeland Security is giving several thousand NC “legal residency status” which IS NOT CITIZENSHIP! Continue reading

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Obama exacerbates illegal immigration

President Obama has now helped increase illegal immigration, and exacerbated illegal entry of the U.S. 0bama prefers to service foreign illegal intruders and foreign governments at the negative expense of rather serving the United States and the American People. Polls consistently show that 65-80% of Citizens and Legal Immigrants want Illegal immigration stopped, enforced against with current law and the Border actually secured. —– This is a long article with 3 videos for added emphasis. Please click it and read. Continue reading

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News to send your blood pressure through the roof, 12-10-10

Well, those guys in Washington are still spending money we don’t have.  The big plan seems to be to borrow and spend America out of this long recession!  It won’t work.  They keep printing money.  They intend to keep borrowing … Continue reading

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Updates about the Dream Act

Important updates about the REAL Dream Act: From Susan Tully, FAIR National Field Director We’ve asked for a lot from all of you all in the past few months, call upon call, but I am asking you to do this … Continue reading

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Alert — Senate Actions going on!

Writing to alert everyone, anyone that sees this– that bad action again is occurring in our beloved Congress. The DREAM Act vote is likely today and phones are being pounded. The stealth element of this action has been helped by … Continue reading

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Unfortunate trouble in lame-duck session

Dear Fellow Patriots: We hope you all had a great holiday, but there is trouble in the lame-duck session. From the latest information we have analyzed, the chances that Reid and Pelosi will pass an Amnesty next week are fairly … Continue reading

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CALL Senate Now !! 202-224-3121

DREAM Act Vote Very Likely to Take Place After Thanksgiving! Yesterday afternoon Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) Chairwoman, Rep. NydiaVelazquez (D-NY), announced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tentatively set a vote on the DREAM Act as soon as November 29th! … Continue reading

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