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I thought eVerify was a good idea

Recently, I found out that our NC Rep. George Robinson voted against eVerify legislation in the North Carolina House. The bill still passed, and I was relieved. When I discussed this with some others, I found out that eVerify isn’t the solution I thought it was.

My assumption of eVerify:
Employer checks a national database with an prospective employee’s name, birth date, and Social Security number to make sure there is a match. A match would prove the employee has the right to work in the USA.

How eVerify really works is backwards and crazy.

My idea to fix it. Continue reading

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Red Alert: Stop NC Driver Licenses for illegal Aliens

Concerned Citizens, It’s not gone and it’s harmful to NC Citizens, Taxpayers and legal Immigrants. Speaker Thom Tillis has just allowed H.786, to give drivers permits to illegal aliens (undocumented immigrants) STATE legislation to come up for a vote on … Continue reading

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Obama exacerbates illegal immigration

President Obama has now helped increase illegal immigration, and exacerbated illegal entry of the U.S. 0bama prefers to service foreign illegal intruders and foreign governments at the negative expense of rather serving the United States and the American People. Polls consistently show that 65-80% of Citizens and Legal Immigrants want Illegal immigration stopped, enforced against with current law and the Border actually secured. —– This is a long article with 3 videos for added emphasis. Please click it and read. Continue reading

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