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Rising Prices, The Federal Reserve and the payroll tax-cut (part 1)

control spending — which includes the Fed Reserve spending, printing of money and transfer of wealth —for example some prior $7.7 Trillion sent overseas, to foreign banks, foreign unfriendly Nations at the expense of Americans!! NO, the answer is not more spending, not more govt BUT it is the answer of CUTS, austerity, conservation, and less govt to get it out of the way of stifling economic growth. Continue reading

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North Carolina state pensions in trouble

Aaaaa! NC state treasurer Janet Cowell blames non-performing state pension funds on “the downward trend to volatile stock markets due to fears of a global slowdown.” What!! That’s the same as Obama’s old and tired BIOB (Blame it on Bush) … Continue reading

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8/2 and 8/3 – Loren Spivack, Free Market Economics

8/2 & 3 Loren Spivack, Free Market Economics lecture, 5:15–9pm, at the library, FREE, Mr. Spivack is a nationally known speaker, each night covers different info, come ask questions. Come to all, or part of this lecture. This information is the antidote to our current economic crisis. Continue reading

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Economics Lesson – free!

Mr. Spivack is a brilliant man and well educated in economics. If you want to learn more about our monetary system and economics, please plan to attend this free seminar next week. Another local group is hosting this seminar and have invited us to attend. You all know who he is. He was the merchant who was closed down for selling Conservative books, t-shirts, and bumper stickers in the Concord Mills Mall. Continue reading

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