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Did Senator Burr Blow It Again?

This bloodsport we call politics is full of landmines and pitfalls for everyone involved. I wouldn’t want to walk one-yard in their shoes. They’re damned if they do; they’re damned if they don’t. Is it a problem that Burr and Hagan voted the same? Maybe not,… Continue reading

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2nd Amendment stands for Right to defense of the People –“gun-control” seeks to misplace criminal acts ,“universal” infringes by ‘trojan horse’

Killing with a gun is a crime, if not in self defense. Mass shooting like Newtown is a crime. You can also kill with a knife, baseball bat, hammers, etc. all of which may be a crime. Individuals have a responsibility to not commit crimes or be penalized. It is not a ‘Collective’ or ‘community’ responsibility to be penalized for an individual’s crimes. Continue reading

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Gun control history

Joseph Story, 1833 U.S. Supreme Court Justice wrote: “The RIGHT of a CITIZEN to KEEP and BEAR ARMS has JUSTLY been considered the palladium of The Liberties of The Republic, since it offers a STRONG MORAL CHECK AGAINST USURPATION and ARBITRARY POWER of rulers, and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, ENABLE THE PEOPLE to RESIST and TRIUMPH OVER them!” Continue reading

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Caldwell TEA Party issues positions – Where do we stand?

I need a recommendation for official TEA Party member positions on issues: Debt ceiling – this morning the national debt was $14.274 trillion.  There is a Debt ceiling vote coming up in Congress.  Do we support an increase? Gov’t shutdown … Continue reading

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What do you get if you join the gun club?

Here’s what you get for $35 per year. Just go to the gun range and give them your name and Driver’s License. Tell them you are part of the Caldwell TEA Party group.  Show them your membership card, if you … Continue reading

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