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Did Senator Burr Blow It Again?

This bloodsport we call politics is full of landmines and pitfalls for everyone involved. I wouldn’t want to walk one-yard in their shoes. They’re damned if they do; they’re damned if they don’t. Is it a problem that Burr and Hagan voted the same? Maybe not,… Continue reading

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2nd Amendment stands for Right to defense of the People –“gun-control” seeks to misplace criminal acts ,“universal” infringes by ‘trojan horse’

Killing with a gun is a crime, if not in self defense. Mass shooting like Newtown is a crime. You can also kill with a knife, baseball bat, hammers, etc. all of which may be a crime. Individuals have a responsibility to not commit crimes or be penalized. It is not a ‘Collective’ or ‘community’ responsibility to be penalized for an individual’s crimes. Continue reading

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