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Elections Matter, Even at the NCGOP State Convention

Candidate information Now is the time again!!  iCaucus is looking for volunteers to participate in the interviews, and ask precise, intelligent questions on the calls.  Everyone can register to vote for candidate endorsement.  Register now with iCaucus (the process is cumbersome). NCGOP … Continue reading

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iCaucus – Ed Goodwin endorsement

Ed Goodwin, North Carolina candidate for Secretary of State, has received the iCaucus endorsement. iCaucus is a non-partisan, National citizen-led organization dedicated to empowering the citizens to fully participate in the electoral process, while taking the big money and special interests out of it. The citizens of North Carolina which include iCaucus members and delegates, voted to endorse Ed Goodwin, candidate for Secretary of State with the following Affiliate Groups…. Continue reading

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iCaucus – Tedesco endorsement

“This week, John Tedesco received the I-Caucus endorsement, a nation wide organization with vetting teams in every state. With that endorsement comes a dozen other iCaucus Affiliate groups comprising of Tea Party Groups from across North Carolina. John is the second candidate to earn a 100% of the vote from iCaucus members and members of NC Affiliate groups. Why the overwhelming support for John? Simple. He is the only candidate in this race who cut government spending, shrunk the size of the bureaucracy and increased parental choice. Yes. “Tea Party Tedesco”, as he is known by his opponents,… Continue reading

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iCaucus voting for NC Secretary of State

During 6/5 – 6/12, there is an opportunity for you all to express your opinion. This is the iCaucus voting period for Secretary of State run-off. Please click the link and follow the instructions to register, listen and vote. This is your chance to express your support for the best TEA Party candidate. Continue reading

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Vance, Meadows, iCaucus conference call

Vance has self-funded his campaign, mortgaged his house, and says he’s not going to ask anyone for money. I asked Vance if he had another $1 million to $1.2 million to fully fund his campaign? He said “This election is not about defeating Hayden Roger’s! It’s about America!” To which the phone call erupted in “YES IT IS ABOUT BEATING HAYDEN!” We tried to make Vance understand that if you can’t get elected first, then you can’t help America. He seemed too angry to hear us.

After the call, I wondered about his level of accountability if he should take office. I wondered if he will be transparent in office, or will he block questions. If questions about campaign positions and campaign finances sends Vance over the edge now, what will his attitude be in office when he must participate in monthly iCaucus conference calls about pending and passed legislation? If recent behavior is any indication of future behavior, I’m not sure he will be as accountable once in office as we hope. Continue reading

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Dan Forest endorsed by iCaucus

iCAUCUS Press Release Contact Wendy Gumpert, NC Vetting            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone:  (336) 345 0898                                   11 A.M. EDT, March 29, 2012 ncvetting@icaucus.org DAN FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA CANDIDATE FOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR, iCAUCUS ENDORSED Cheyenne, WY, March 29, 2012:  Dan Forest, North Carolina … Continue reading

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