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Agenda 21 in North Carolina with Neal Thomas – 3 parts

Agenda 21 is a really big threat to our private property rights and undermine American sovereignty. Please watch if you don’t understand the term “Agenda 21”.

Neal Thomas has been a friend for 3 years. He has studied Agenda 21 for years. He is an invited speaker around the state about Agenda 21. He is an expert on the subject. He appears before county commissions and city councils to educate on Agenda 21. Continue reading


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Interview(s) with Pat McCrory candidate for NC Governor

My friend Neal Thomas interviewed McCrory over a several day period. He’s sharing his findings with North Carolina. Please read, share, and comment. http://gaspeegazette.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/gaspee-gazette-sits-down-for-a-tea-party-with-pat-mccrory/

I am sure McCrory will be our next governor, no matter what we do. I also think we can instruct McCrory about the Constitution, the TEA Party, our views and values, and maybe forge a good alliance of understanding with him for the future. An alliance that hopefully will not include any Sustainable Development Projects sprinkled all over NC at huge costs to taxpayers, ’cause, we don’t want that stuff. Continue reading

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