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Syria: Email Call Fax Your Congressman

Tell your Congressman: Not NO, but HELL NO! No military strikes in Syria. No boots on the ground. No bombs. No “limited” or unlimited action!!

Like Senator Cruz said, “We’re not Al Qaeda’s Air Force.” We have no reason to intercede. There is no national interest in Syria. There is not even a clear objective, since regime change isn’t on the table.

If Obama and the democrats are so concerned about 426 dead children, let them join a pro-life group to end 1,000,000 abortions per year in America. Continue reading

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News that grabbed me today

International chaos is breaking out all over the world AGAINST American embassies. We’ve had an Ambassador killed. And Obama doesn’t have time to meet with any world leaders in NYC during a UN conference, but he has time for The View and David Letterman???? King Obama has is priorities alright, and they have nothing to do with the United States of America! Continue reading

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Warning: LIGNET Reports Iran May Be Planning Terrorist Attack With Al-Qa’ida

LIGNET: February 17, 2012 — Reports that Iran is cooperating with al-Qaeda on plans for a “spectacular” attack on the West have to be taken seriously, particularly in light of the attempted assassinations of Israeli diplomats last week and the revelation last year that al-Qaeda had begun using Iran as a transit point to its bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iran could be helping al-Qaeda in very specific ways to plan the kind of high-profile attack that would allow it to once again assert itself as a serious threat to security in the world. Continue reading

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