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NC GOP Still Holding Up Trump Yard Sign Distribution

[Update: Those Trump signs were delivered to Caldwell County Republican Headquarters on Wednesday. COME GET YOURS!  Hours: Mon-Fri 12-2pm, and Fri-Sat 6-9pm] What is going on in North Carolina?? It’s no accident. We still don’t have Trump yard signs at … Continue reading


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Why President Obama continues to beat up a bickering Republican Party

Conservatives need to get a game plan now. It looks like the TEA Party will need to lead this campaign and borrow the GOP Platform. This is an honest look at Obama’s politically deft strategy and the obvious lack of GOP strategy. “It [Obama’s re-election] was the result of effective communication and an aggressive political infrastructure. He will win again and again without organized opposition.” Continue reading

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Obama’s Wrong Path for America and the GOP’s Blown Role

If Obama gets his way, he will 1) over tax us all into poverty and government dependency, 2) spend the country into oblivion, and 3) take our guns. That’s what dictators do and usually under the guise of “helping”, “saving”, or “protecting”. We are at a “Give me liberty, or give me death” time in history. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Wake up Republican leadership!!!! Is it time for a Third Party yet? Continue reading

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