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Wisconsin would be best to keep Scott Walker as their Governor

If the People of Wisconsin choose wisely, they will vote to not recall Governor Scott Walker. Governor Scott Walker, has shown the way to responsible government with beneficial outcomes for all Wisconsinites by being reasonable, fair to making the State as a whole stronger and a better place. The results of Act 10 (Budget Repair Act of 2011) prove the positives of curtailing the Public Union’s crony abuse that was going on. Some of the positive stats of the conservative action: Balanced budget (removing the $3.6 Billion deficit – WITHOUT increasing taxes), $150 million budget surplus, 57,000 jobs created, school budgets improving by having pay for performance and bidding out Union healthcare plans to competition. More positives for Wisconsin can be seen at http://www.reforms.wi.gov Continue reading

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News from the week, 3/26

“Are we on the wrong side” of international issues??” — Glenn Beck said, “The gates of hell are about to open up, and we will do nothing.”  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/beck-tv-are-we-on-the-wrong-side/ NC Rep Deborah Ross Says Mexican & Honduran illegal aliens Are Americans … Continue reading

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Voter Fraud news

We are all responsible for ensuring a fair election process.  If you see or hear anything that doesn’t seem right — Please alert the Judge at the polling place.  There is always a Judge on duty who knows the laws … Continue reading

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Obama supporters have no clue

Andrew Breitbart confronts a group of Glenn Beck protesters. They can’t answer simple questions about their own protest signs. Hmmm? Interesting. He continues to ask them questions and the organizers finally move the protesters away and won’t allow them to … Continue reading

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