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Voter ID and my discussion with Speaker Thom Tillis

I told him I was glad they passed something, but asked why not pass a really strict bill to protect voter integrity? Why not ONLY allow valid NCDL’s and military ID as valid ID to register to vote? His response surprised me. He said they have watched states around the country pass strong Voter ID bill only to have them held up in court and then be overturned. Therefore, Continue reading

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Palmetto Freedom Forum – Republican Candidiate Views

This forum on 9/5/11 in SC by Senator Jim DeMint allows for the candidates to speak their views in full length which may prove helpful beyond a debate format.  Thought it good viewing though a bit lengthy.  Well done by … Continue reading

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South Carolina GOP Presidential debate, 5/5

First GOP Presidential debate  hosted by SCGOP & Fox News!  Taking place on the evening of May 5 in Greenville, South Carolina.  I am going to this debate. Expected to participate in Greenville, in alphabetical order, are: Herman Cain, CEO … Continue reading

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