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Call Rep. MEADOWS now!

Call Rep. Mark Meadows (202) 225-6401

Let him know if he should vote NO or YES to keep Speaker Boehner. Continue reading

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STOP Illegal Amnesty Decree — Call Congress

  TELL GOP NO to going along with approving the Prez’s illegal amnesty decree!! Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty will give illegal aliens work permits and social security numbers. As soon as those are issued, there will be no turning back – … Continue reading

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Rep Meadows Stands Firm Against Obamacare

I talked to Rep. Meadows twice this afternoon. He is one of thirty Republicans who sent a letter to GOP House leadership to amend the Continuing Resolution (CR) with language to repeal Obamacare. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/03/03/Conservatives-pushing-Boehner-Cantor-to-defund-Obamacare-in-upcoming-Continuing-Resolution He also co-sponsored HR1005 to defund Obamacare. Continue reading

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Boehner “Except for 12 TEA Party crazies”

Mark Levin show clip. Speaker Boehner thinks he has the new Republican freshman under control, “except for 12 TEA Party crazies.”  Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!! They still don’t get it!  “They” meaning the Republican leadership in DC.  No wonder they didn’t elect Rep. … Continue reading

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