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Call Congress and Your Governor This Week About Syrian Refugees

In light of the, Paris attacks this weekend, it is too dangerous to take in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of military-age males from Syria.

Independently, the FBI and CIA have said these refugees cannot be vetted with any amount of surety. ISIS has looted and stolen official papers, documents, passports, etc, as they have blundered Syrian office buildings. So even if these refugees have real documents, the names and indentities are now unprovable. Continue reading

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Common Core meeting notes and links

Common Core is a one-size-fits-all federal education curriculum that just isn’t working around the country. Here’s loads of information about the disaster. Continue reading

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Alert — Senate Actions going on!

Writing to alert everyone, anyone that sees this– that bad action again is occurring in our beloved Congress. The DREAM Act vote is likely today and phones are being pounded. The stealth element of this action has been helped by … Continue reading

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