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Why President Obama continues to beat up a bickering Republican Party

Conservatives need to get a game plan now. It looks like the TEA Party will need to lead this campaign and borrow the GOP Platform. This is an honest look at Obama’s politically deft strategy and the obvious lack of GOP strategy. “It [Obama’s re-election] was the result of effective communication and an aggressive political infrastructure. He will win again and again without organized opposition.” Continue reading

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TEA Party grows up!

The TEA Party grows up! A cool little article about the TEA Parties in the 11th District. This is a really great article. It shows our groups growing cooperation and willingness to accomplish common goals. The reporter’s coverage is fair and informative. I’m happy we have a journalist like Jon Ostendorf in our district. Continue reading

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Petraeus in Afghanistan doesn’t add up

So… Gen. McChrystal is fired and Gen. Petraeus (hated and vilified by the Left last year) becomes Afghan War commander? Petraeus immediately changes the RoE’s.

I don’t quite understand the political maneuvering at work here. It just doesn’t add up. Continue reading

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