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Call Congress and Your Governor This Week About Syrian Refugees

In light of the, Paris attacks this weekend, it is too dangerous to take in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of military-age males from Syria.

Independently, the FBI and CIA have said these refugees cannot be vetted with any amount of surety. ISIS has looted and stolen official papers, documents, passports, etc, as they have blundered Syrian office buildings. So even if these refugees have real documents, the names and indentities are now unprovable. Continue reading


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Syria: Email Call Fax Your Congressman

Tell your Congressman: Not NO, but HELL NO! No military strikes in Syria. No boots on the ground. No bombs. No “limited” or unlimited action!!

Like Senator Cruz said, “We’re not Al Qaeda’s Air Force.” We have no reason to intercede. There is no national interest in Syria. There is not even a clear objective, since regime change isn’t on the table.

If Obama and the democrats are so concerned about 426 dead children, let them join a pro-life group to end 1,000,000 abortions per year in America. Continue reading

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Radical Islam: Threat or not?

We talking about Sharia Law in the US at the Caldwell TEA Party meeting last night. Is the Islamization of the West real or not? Let Brigitte Gabriel, Christian refugee from Lebanon, tell you in her own words. Please share her story and this link.

Her terrorized existence is so compelling. Her and family’s only crime: being Christians in the Christian nation of Lebanon. The world news didn’t even report the news of their Lebanese hell correctly. The reports neglected that Syria was shelling Israel, they reported Lebanon was doing the shelling. The true human respect and love she experienced for the first time in her life in an Israeli hospital while her mother was being saved and treated for 22 days, changed her forever.

There are two other videos: about American education and a documentary about radical Islam (graphic). Continue reading

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Christian in Middle East Face Approaching Dangers – LIGNET

LIGNET.com: The Arab Spring has made Christians throughout the Middle East fear for their lives as the protection that authoritarian regimes in the region once offered them has evaporated. In Egypt and Syria, the largest Arab nations, persecution against them is likely to worsen in the months ahead. Continue reading

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