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TEA Party Patriots

Caldwell TEA Party joined forces with national TEA Party Patriots (TPP) organization years ago. I was asked… a little while ago to be the NC Co-Coordinator of TPP with Mark Hager (Yadkin Valley TEA Party) and Dee Park (Moore TEA Citizens). I just wanted to let you all know, or remind you, to patronize TPP’s website: Continue reading

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Rally in DC Sept 10th to Defund Obamacare

Another 24-hour bus trip to DC. This one is $25 with Tea Party Patriots is helping with the expenses. We need people up there.

Bus #1 – 10:30pm Asheville, 12:00am Hickory, 12:30am Statesville, and _?_ Mocksville to DC. Bus #2 – Greensboro to DC. Bus #3 – Southern Pines, Raleigh to DC. Continue reading

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Get on the BUS!!

I need 7 more people to pickup a another bus to DC – only $20 each person. Watch the video summary of why we’re going this time. Buses will leave Hickory, Statesville, Mocksville, Greensboro around midnight and return around midnight, June 19, 2013. Continue reading

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Trip to DC on Saturday 3/24 -“Road to Repeal”

We went and came back all in 24-hours. During the 12-3pm rally, it rained and was cold and breezy. There were 3-pages of speakers on agenda to inform us on the woes of Obamacare. Herman Cain was the highlight of the day! See all 63 pictures and watch the whole day from the link here. Continue reading

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‘Obamacare’ Foes Fear Ballooning Big Government

I did my first national interview with an AP reporter a couple weeks ago and the article finally came out yesterday evening. Here is a taste, then go to the link to read the whole thing. Share it if you like it.

“They’re coming. The mom from North Carolina who opposes vaccinations and dislikes doctors and chooses to forgo health coverage because, she says, it is her right as an American.”

There’s more lots more. Continue reading

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LOAD UP!!! We have a TEA Party bus to fill!!!

The cost will be around $40-50 dollars each. We will leave around midnight (Friday night) and return back here around 2am on Sunday morning. Depending on how many people are going, we will leave from Lenoir or Hickory.

I need to know as soon as possible, we have one bus and can get a second one if needed! You can mail me a check or bring it the next meeting 3/6. I will take money until that night we leave, but if I don’t know you want to go, I can’t reserve you a space and you might not get a seat. Continue reading

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Arizona project donations needed. Help if you can. ** See the Sheriffs’ interviews.

Cochise County Sheriff Dever (video interview) and Pinal County Sheriff Babeu (video interview) is teaming up with TEA Party Patriots (TPP) to create a documentary about the REAL situation on the AZ border.  The goal for this project is to … Continue reading

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TODAY’s 2-Part plan!

A new strategy for change in Congress from TEA Party Patriots.  It’s an easy 2-part plan: 1) Force a rules change in the House to allow a “rank and file vote” for chairs of the committees, not leadership appointments of … Continue reading

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TEA Party Patriots is a problem

If you received an email from TEA Party Patriots (TPP) asking you to call your new Congressmen to attend a TPP event in DC – IGNORE IT!! They told you that I, and other leaders, gave them the info. I … Continue reading

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