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The Fox Is In The Hen House

The American, political Left pretends Agenda 21 as a solid myth, but if you look on the United Nations website you’ll find it there, as plain as day. “Sustainability” is another word for Agenda 21. All “sustainability” is bad for America and our long held freedoms, rights and liberties. Continue reading


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News that grabbed me today

International chaos is breaking out all over the world AGAINST American embassies. We’ve had an Ambassador killed. And Obama doesn’t have time to meet with any world leaders in NYC during a UN conference, but he has time for The View and David Letterman???? King Obama has is priorities alright, and they have nothing to do with the United States of America! Continue reading

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Legislative Action Alert: Law of the Sea Treaty is not good for the U.S.

It seems there are U.S. Officials who want to act disloyal with harmful effects to the United States and Americans. With the unfortunate condition of individuals in the U.S. government, who choose to break their oath to the U.S. Constitution … Continue reading

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