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Dan Forest Wins!

Dan Forest (R ) was ahead by 11,00 votes on November 6th. The margin narrowed to 6600 after Friday’s Canvass Day. But today, Linda Coleman (D) conceded the North Carolina Lt. Governor’s race to Dan Forest (R ). I believe the best candidate won in this race to provide conservative leadership for NC. His position will enhance the Gov. Elect McCrory and the GOP controlled NCGA in guiding NC to great things! Who knows, maybe we’ll be the next Texas!

Congratulations to Dan Forest and his family, Hal Weatherman, the whole Bengston family, Velvet Shelton, and TEA Parties across the state for this victory! Continue reading

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The time is now to volunteer

Do you want good candidates to vote for in November? Get involved now and push your favorite candidate(s) across the May 8th Primary finish line to victory. If you don’t help now, your favorite guy might not be there to vote for in November. Who will you send to Washington and Raleigh to fight against Obama’s assaults on America? Contact the campaign(s) today and ask how you can help.

“You can’t just sit there and hope somebody else does something.” If not now, when will things be bad enough for you to act? Continue reading

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TEA Party and GOP Not Mutually Exclusive

Now, not all TEA Partiers are Republicans. But all share common goals with the GOP philosophy – smaller government, more personal responsibility, lower taxes, etc… and thus they should be seen as an important constituency to the GOP in a 2012 victory. One thing that’s for sure, all registered Republicans asking to be involved with sometimes painful process of GOP politics are indeed Republicans first. The TEA Party thinks somewhere along the way, the GOP has forgotten their roots and abandoned their own platform. But the GOP probably only knows the strident, angry, sign-carrying mob who has had enough! I guess we’ve both come along way since November 2010. Continue reading

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