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Informed Consent and Our Humanity

Abortion is usually outside the scope of the TEA Party, but these undercover videos and current abortionist trial is bringing to light some details WE ALL need to know about. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, take an honest look. Continue reading

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Obama exacerbates illegal immigration

President Obama has now helped increase illegal immigration, and exacerbated illegal entry of the U.S. 0bama prefers to service foreign illegal intruders and foreign governments at the negative expense of rather serving the United States and the American People. Polls consistently show that 65-80% of Citizens and Legal Immigrants want Illegal immigration stopped, enforced against with current law and the Border actually secured. —– This is a long article with 3 videos for added emphasis. Please click it and read. Continue reading


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TEA Partiers are “Hobbits from Middle Earth”?

Really??  Is McCain really that out of touch with American politics?  I think its safe to say he’ll never be re-elected.  American and Arizona can now call his Senate seat JD Hayworth’s.  The TEA Party movement and citizen involvement is … Continue reading

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We [TEA Party] Won’t Get Fooled Again!

Look how far we have come in 2 years.  US House majority!  NC House and Senate control!  Obama with 59% disapproval on his handling of the economy.  Please share this link!

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News to make your blood boil; debt, errors, Christmas, children, our future

News from yesterday, 11/30/10.  I can hardly keep up with this junk! Short on votes, National Debt Commission delays decision. On Obama’s charade project, “National Debt Commission”, wants to cut the debt by raising taxes on everyone without calling recommendations … Continue reading

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