We The People Are Still Here

It was hard to watch that election in November drag out until January. Creepy Joe is in. Trump said at CPAC he was going to run again in 2024 and would help REAL REPUBLICANS get elected to Congress 2022.

I cannot stomach the lying news. All the QAnons have their optimistic theories that Trump is still in charge in will be back in the White House soon. I can’t understand how that’s possible.

I don’t know what or who to believe.

I do know this, the states’ election laws must be repaired to restore faith in the system. I know I saw the election get stolen. And they got away with it. IF OUR STATE LEGISLATURES DON’T FIX THE LAWS AND LOOPHOLES, WE WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER FAIR ELECTION AGAIN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The Socialists will run the great country into the ground on purpose. We’ll be Venezuela.

Each states’ legislatures are responsible for Election Law, not Mayors, not Election officials, and not even Governors can change Election Law. These unauthorized people had the audacity to change “laws” at the last minute. The law is the law. The voting deadline is the voting deadline, Mayors and Board of Elections can’t just extend it out 5 or 10 days. We all know those votes shouldn’t count.

I think we need to start meeting again and vetting the heck out of candidates for 2022.

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It’s On – TEA Party Come Back

Besides a very few Republicans in Washington, the silence from the GOP is inexcusable and not to be tolerated by everyday Americans who voted for President Trump for a second term. Is anybody from the GOP in Washington available for comment besides Cruz, Jordan, Gaetz, Waltz, Graham, Scott, Noam, DeSantis??  There should be a loud, loud, LOUD outcry from every Republican against this obvious election fraud that we are all witnessing!!  Where are they?? Where is my Congresswoman??

Are you all too comfy in your elected positions to make waves?  Have you paid Dominion or Smartmatic to get you some extra votes too??  Are you trying to make a career out of this once temporary public service job in Washington DC???  All I know is that each one of you are not doing all you can to protect the integrity of US elections, therefore, we won’t believe them in the future.  The fake-news media is gaslighting everyone of us, and you know it.

This warning goes for the NC State Legislature, too. Why don’t won’t we have Voter ID in NC? Why are there so many days for Early Voting for all sorts of mischief?? It’s ELECTION DAY, not election month. Why is there still same day registration? Why are there still dead people on voter rolls? Let’s tighten this up. Let’s get these known bad players out of the election machine bidding process.

I want to repeat this one more time: People who don’t have ID don’t want to vote. They don’t care. The Democrats can scream all they want about “disenfranchisement,” but it’s a lie. Every reason the Democrats give for NOT protecting elections is 100% lies. I’m done being gaslighted.

I hope your constituents remember your silence in the face of evil when you run for re-election again!  Ya hear this Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC-5)?!  We’ll find you a challenger, like we did in NC-11 with Mark Meadows. We’ll find your replacement.

It’s on. We have to get this TEA Party show back on the road, and once again rise up in support of Donald J. Trump, the Constitution, and stopping evil.

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An American Coup Underway: Transition Integrity Project

A coup? Here?

Dan Bongino discusses the potential coup that is coming after, or with, the November election on his YouTube channel. Episode 1339. Below the video are his two discussed links and more.

He discusses 2 articles in American Mind and Revolver about the 2019 formed Transition Integrity Project to deal with a second Trump win.

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The Last of You-Know-Who

The internet giants and social media are cracking down on *Q** information links. I had trouble posting any reference to F*cebook lastweek using either a direct **q* link or a even a mention within the text. The censorship is real. So, here is what I’m going to do. I am going to share crumbs, news, information I learn from those sources, but I’m not going to mention *q* anymore. To be referenced as you-know-who from time to time.

I’m not sure if our website host will begin to censor this site for those references, so I’m going to change my style before we are taken down.

I watched Watters’ World last night and realized the whole show was content straight from you-know-who. The information is out there. It’s being shared. It appears to be true from all the information I can confirm. News outlets are spreading the news. I appreciate Watters’ small, 3-second, on-air mention of **Q*Anon* a few weeks ago, which triggered me to google it. And here we are.

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The Trap Is Laid

Listen to this 46-minute podcast Episode 2264 by X22 on Megaphone.fm.  https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/x22?selected=REP7458209381  His most recent podcast is so interesting.  It’s about the trap Trump has laid:

  • Federal Reserve (central bank), how it relates to the lock down, and the related cover-up
  • General Flynn’s case and the very corrupt Judge Sullivan (he’s in a pickle)
  • PEACE in the Middle East
  • Trump reTweeted the new CDC’s data that only 6% of people died from Covid-19, the other 94% were very old (median age 81) AND had serious underlying illnesses.
  • Mask wearing
  • How the riots are backfiring on the Democrats and the Deep State.  They wanted us to react.  They wanted a civil war.  We, the silent majority, have sat back a watched these riots go on while the fake news and Democrat politicians from Mayors to Governors to Biden/Harris tell us “there is no rioting.”  We see the violence, and we didn’t take the bait.  Now the Deep State is trapped.
  • Antifa is the paid Deep State army for the Deep State.  The Deep State has lost control of their Antifa soldiers.
  • Message: President Monroe ran unopposed by no organized candidate or party.


I’m reading and listening to:

X22    https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/x22

Praying Medic   Twitter.com/@prayingmedic
Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/praying_medic 
Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Praying-Medic-110054354042974

InTheMatrixxx   https://www.inthematrixxx.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/intheMatrixxx
Podcast Partner of InTheMatrixxx  twitter.com/@Shadygrooove

Read and ponder them for yourself.

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Why Do They Lie?

I have been reading and reading and studying and studying. We are being gaslighted.

Link: https://www.healthline.com/health/gaslighting

Someone warned me some news will “embarrass the [Republican] party” and that internet trolls were using “trash meant to trick gullible people,” and he further warning me it will “relegate us [Republicans] to permanent minority status.”  I don’t know this guy and we only share 55 friends in common.  With most of my political friends on Facebook, I have hundreds and sometimes thousands of friends in common.  But it started me thinking.

There is a real war for the soul of our nation, as well as, global freedom.

But I see things with my own eyes, and then the fake news reports the opposite.  I saw it with the TEA Party rallies.  The fake news called us racists and domestic terrorists.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  But that same fake news calls BLM and Antifa “protesters,” and say they are mostly peaceful.  That’s a lie!  They lie.  We know they lie.  I can’t believe ANYTHING the fake news says.  What else do they lie about?  The news they report furthers their Anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-tradition, anti-Christian agenda, always.  We are all being gaslighted by the Democrats and fake news.

I can read government reports and charts on the economy, illegal immigration, covid deaths, and crime, but the fake news reports the opposite of what the data says,  whether it’s Trump or Obama administrations.  Everything is good for Obama/Biden/Hillary and everything is blamed on Trump. Continue reading

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Welcome to the rabbit hole!

I’ve been gone from politics for a while.  I’m back.  I have too much to say about the current political battle where everything we see and hear Trump say – is turned around backwards my the media and only lies are reported?

Watch this 10-part video.  Consider the allegations.  Watch until the end.  Really, even the very end will leave you shocked at the possibility.  She asks that everyone does their own research into her assertions.

Ponder:  How many coincidences before they are mathematically impossible?

I watched these videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtjTRYrF8X4&list=PLSQh2phaTpiNRZPfCMQk2-okb9x9Ypu3_.  I’m posting the playlist to share with you all.  I’m beginning my research today.  I’ll share important findings with you along the way.

The above video should be a 10-part playlist of “The Fall of the Cabal” by Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands.

If the link above is gone, many other people have posted these videos.  If you have to search for it, search “The Fall of the Cabal Parts 1-10.”  I watched the playlist of Jess Sweet’s channel.  In case this playlist is gone, I posted a second link to another lesser viewed channel below, too.

Another Youtube channel link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxjNX4n5QBA  The real video (not a debunker’s) starts off with black background with a paragraph of white text.  The narrator, Janet Ossebaard, is woman with a European accent.

As I searched Youtube more,  I found lots of videos to discredit Janet Ossebaard.  Interesting.  I might dismiss all of it, if I hadn’t heard much of this info contained in the video over the last 3 decades.  I’ve never heard so much strung together and linked before.  You decide.

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Caldwell TEA Party domain name change

We lost the Caldwell TEA Party domain. Rats!!! Change your bookmark to https://caldwellteaparty.com/

It’s not .org anymore. It’s .com.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Heartbeat Bill – call by 9:45am today

Please push this time sensitive request to call Virginia Foxx at (202) 225-2071.  Please call asap, best before her meeting at 10am today.

The Heartbeat Print Ready Flyer describes the Heartbeat Bill HR490.

We need 218 votes in Congress to enact this bill with all its definitions.  We need just 58 more Reps to not only have 218 silent votes, but all 218 Reps that have publicly endorsed as a Co-sponsor.  At 10:00am this morning, Rachelle and Janet meet with Virginia Foxx of NC’s 5th District, just N – NW of our new 13th District, including Asheville areas, Boone, Hickory, Wilkesboro, down around north of Statesville.  Virginia has not yet committed to vote for the bill, nor Co-Sponsor, though her website is very Pro-Life. Call sheet for HR490 Call List.

Please see her name at the top of the list, and let her staff know by 9:45am this morning, that we ask Virginia to support this bill that would legally stop abortion once a heartbeat is detected, about 22 days.  Any forwarding of this request would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you!

Also, please notice, our website URL has changed to CaldwellTEAparty.COM (not .org).

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Deadline to RSVP for FreedomWorks Complimentary Luncheon for Rev CL Bryant is Thursday, June 22nd.  Do it today!

FreedomWorks hosting  that fiery conservative talk show host and writer and star of the award winning documentary, Runaway Slave … Rev. CL Bryant  


Where:  The Chariot, 715 N Church St, Hendersonville, NC 28792 on  Wednesday, June 28th from 11:30 AM – 2:30PM


Topic:  Regulatory Reform 

Complimentary lunch for guests. You must pre-register for a lunch (if you have not done so already)  Limited seating.  We need a head count for lunch


Preferred RSVP contact to Jane@AshevilleTeaParty.org or 209 986 3845 by midnight Thursday, June 22, 2017.   

Meet and Greet at 11:30AM.  Lunch at Noon.   

CL is a very special person who is a crucial voice to the conservative movement.  Regulatory reform is critical to free market health. As activists, we must assure DC gets it right.  The Senate is holding up crucial legislation.  They need to hear from us.  Please join us.  

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