An American Coup Underway: Transition Integrity Project

A coup? Here?

Dan Bongino discusses the potential coup that is coming after, or with, the November election on his YouTube channel. Episode 1339. Below the video are his two discussed links and more.

He discusses 2 articles in American Mind and Revolver about the 2019 formed Transition Integrity Project to deal with a second Trump win.

The American Mind article titled “Stop the Coup.” Gives details from the plan and speculation about the plans for a coup with election.

The second article from Revolver claims similar plans and possibly a racewar to boot from the Transition Integrity Project. A coup? Really? Are we devolving into some tribal nation warring for power? What happened to the peaceful transition of power our country has honored for almost 250 years? Is Trump so “dangerous” we must not allow him to continue and execute a coup if he is re-elected? Come on. We are a better society than that.

PEACEFUL – TRANSITION – OF – POWER. The idea I was so struck by as a little girl when Nixon left office in disgrace in 1974. No riots. No chaos. No government re-organization. A ceremony I have seen with Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump. And now, the… the… the Left-no, the Democrats-no,… I don’t know what to call this force working against America – the Shadow Government(?) and Deep State(?) are going to cast off this PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER tradition for their own protection.* I think they want us, the people, to start a civil war with each other. Period. Then, surely, we will be distracted from their crimes.*

The Watergate scandal is what originally made me interested in politics in the 1970’s. I was 9 when Nixon left office. Politics became very personal again with Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (in effect 2002-2015). What a horrible piece of legislation affectionately called No Child Gets Ahead by teachers and administrators. With this, I learned about the education monopoly and the goals of unions. Spoiler: their goal is not children’s education. Sorry, I digress.

Here is the short rundown on Wikipedia of Transition Integrity Project with details about the four (4) election outcomes. Scary stuff. The anti-Trumpers and never-Trumpers of the Deep State are really serious about stopping Trump this time. It lists the most well-known members. See the 4 scenarios below:

In the summer of 2020, TIP conducted a series of war-gaming exercises.[9] The scenarios[4][10][11] examined by TIP included:

  1. Game One: An ambiguous win by Biden. The first game investigated a scenario in which the outcome of the election remained unclear from election night and throughout gameplay.
  2. Game Two: Clear Biden Victory. The Trump Campaign team again attempted to federalize the National Guard to end further vote counting and called on supporters to turn out in large numbers. The Biden Campaign established a bipartisan transition team and mobilized supporters to ensure vote counting was completed thoroughly. In this scenario, Biden won outright in the Electoral College and the popular vote.
  3. Game Three: Clear Trump Win. The third scenario posited a comfortable Electoral College victory for President Trump — 286-252 — but also a significant popular vote win—52% – 47%–for former Vice President Biden.
  4. Game Four: Narrow Biden Win. The final scenario explored a narrow Biden win where he leads with less than 1% of the popular vote the day after the election, and is predicted to win 278 electoral votes.

America may on the brink of civil war when each side says they won the Nov2020 election? Judging by the way the Democrats in Washington have conducted themselves throughout Trump’s first term, we know they will stop at nothing to defeat him. Look at the new lies they’ve told in the last week!

* Their own protection? Their crimes? Yes, they are protecting each other from prosecution for crimes committed under Obama’s tenure and before. They are protecting each other from knowing about Hillary’s destroyed emails, Benghazi, the illegal use of the IRS to target conservatives, the 900 FBI files the Clinton’s had in the Whitehouse residence, the FBI spying on Trump campaign, and the US government illegally targeting innocent citizens for trumped up charges like those against Gen. Michael Flynn. MOST OF ALL They are protecting the evidence that Ghislain Maxwell has pertaining to all of Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail photos and video on EVERYONE in Washington (aka Pizzagate). “They” already killed Epstein. It’s all going to come to light if Trump is re-elected.

Pray for President Trump’s protection.

Do your own homework.


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