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NC Legislature stalling Voter ID bill

PLEASE CALL ASAP! Republicans campaigned on preserving our elections with a Voter ID bill.  Now it’s losing steam!  Please call your Representative at let them knew how important it is to show picture ID at the polling place. Preserving free … Continue reading


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What do you get if you join the gun club?

Here’s what you get for $35 per year. Just go to the gun range and give them your name and Driver’s License. Tell them you are part of the Caldwell TEA Party group.  Show them your membership card, if you … Continue reading

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Our friend in the TEA Party movement, Jason D. Raines, wrote this great article.  He is suggesting that the Tea Party movement add the following to its objectives, and I agree completely: DEFENDING AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, OPPOSING AMERICAN DECLINE Author – … Continue reading

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AZ shooter is a crazy, apathetic citizen

I haven’t been able to watch to news very much since Sunday after the media began calling this the fault of the TEA Party rhetoric, when in reality it was a tragic shooting of 18 people by an obviously crazy … Continue reading

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An article for seniors, retirees and techies!

Social networking trends for 2012 political victories.  A great trends article. Katie Harbath has outlined the trends for mobile app and social network uses for 2012 campaigns.  If we want to win in the arena of ideas, then I … Continue reading

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Caldwell TEA Party upcoming Meetings

1/13 (Th), 2/2 (Wed), 2/17 (Th) — As usual, they will be held at the Library at 7pm on their respective dates.  There are many other things listed in the calendar, please see the full calendar on the website: reading

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American Spirit continues – Dream Act summary

Happy New Year! Hope all had great Christmas and Holidays. Getting back here to summarize what happened on the DREAM Act — WE DID IT!! We defeated the DREAM Amnesty in the Senate. With that defeat, the Open Borders coalition … Continue reading

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