Captivated by Lets Go Brandon

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been captivated by the “Let’s Go Brandon” sentiment. It’s not polite to yell or even say, “F*** Joe Biden” yet many have been yelling it around the world at sporting events and political rallies. Prior to Let’s Go Brandon, I had missed all the videos of FJB. Almost like I had been living under a rock or something? I saw my first meme, listened to my first video, heard a reference to Squid Game, and down a rabbit hole I went. I’m including the name of the videos, artist, and youtube link. If these videos are taken down, you should be able to find them again on youtube or another platform. Join me.

Below: One of several songs titled, “Let’s Go Brandon” by Loza Alexander. The ridiculous NASCAR interview with Talladega winner Brandon Brown, and the song that started it all. This is the extended version.

Below: “Dear Trump” by Loza Alexander. Loza is a big fan of Donald Trump and knows he won the 2020 election “until they bury me.”

Below: Florida Congressman, Posey (R), says Let’s Go Brandon on the House floor. The dweeb commentator downplays the phrase as “a shorthand, jokey way to express frustration.” Frustration??? Frustration?? Another clip better explains it with “I’m gonna believe my lying eyes.”

Below: Video song by country rapper Forgiato Blow, “Let’s Go Brandon.” He uses the f-word.

Below: Topher w/ D.Cure and The Marine Rapper. Let’s Go Brandon song. According to Jessie Watters, there are more and more of these songs. They get deplatformed by BigTech. This song goes so deep and hard at “Brandon.”

Below: Tom MacDonald raps “Fake Woke.” Oooo, this song resonates with my feelings of frustration and disbelief. “Cancel culture rules the world.” “There’s a difference between hate speech and speech that you hate.” “Censoring the facts turns our children into idiots. They say it’s for safety….” “How’d we let them make praying a micro-aggression?” An indictment of education. Can you relate? This song is a treasure trove of questions I’ve asked. You can watch this video with the lyrics if you search “Fake Woke lyrics” on youtube.

Below: Another music video titled “Let’s Go Brandon.” Bryson Gray w/ Tyson James and Chandler Crump. He’s a Christian, so how does he say it? This is about control and cautions us or we’ll be Australia. “You ask questions, they start banning. Fake hate.” “These politicians are just demons in disguise.” Read the Scripture from Revelations and Luke while Biden makes promises about the vaxx. The Vaxx Rebel appears.

Below: Video titled, “Joe Biden responds to F*** Joe Biden signs in Michigan.” LOL!!! 81 million people didn’t vote for a man who hid in his basement and has obvious dementia. They stole the 2020 election and the people know it!

Have you had enough? The cultural pressure upon our government is building. The TEA Party exerted pressure, but got bad press regarding our opposition to Obama’s policies. They called us racists and shut us down. BigTech shadow banned us or suspended our accounts.

BigTech has become an extraordinarily powerful factor in our lives as we can all be silenced and cancelled now. A situation no one wants to be in when they have a job and want to earn a living. We don’t know who is next to be cancelled.

Country songs were written about American patriotism. Those songs are still being written. But rappers are now writing and performing anti-Biden songs about the unbelievable cover-up of corruption that we see with our own lying eyes. Example: The riots, looting, and arson we saw last year was called peaceful protests by all levels of government and mainstream media in cities like Minneapolis, Detroit, Portland, New York, Kennesaw, Charlotte, Atlanta, etc…. They lied right to us for a year.

Politicians hated Trump more than they loved their own cities, states, or country. Wow! That level of hatred should tell you something – they hate us! The glob1ists are in control – the Caba1.

Below: Video “People So Stupid” by Tom MacDonald (22.9M views) observes contradictions that are so dumb in society today. “We grew up watching South Park. How could we be offended?” Watch more of Tom MacDonald’s music.

Below: Video titled “God We Need You Now” by Struggle Jennings and Caitlynne Curtis. Let’s end the post with this.


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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