We The People Are Still Here

It was hard to watch that election in November drag out until January. Creepy Joe is in. Trump said at CPAC he was going to run again in 2024 and would help REAL REPUBLICANS get elected to Congress 2022.

I cannot stomach the lying news. All the QAnons have their optimistic theories that Trump is still in charge in will be back in the White House soon. I can’t understand how that’s possible.

I don’t know what or who to believe.

I do know this, the states’ election laws must be repaired to restore faith in the system. I know I saw the election get stolen. And they got away with it. IF OUR STATE LEGISLATURES DON’T FIX THE LAWS AND LOOPHOLES, WE WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER FAIR ELECTION AGAIN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The Socialists will run the great country into the ground on purpose. We’ll be Venezuela.

Each states’ legislatures are responsible for Election Law, not Mayors, not Election officials, and not even Governors can change Election Law. These unauthorized people had the audacity to change “laws” at the last minute. The law is the law. The voting deadline is the voting deadline, Mayors and Board of Elections can’t just extend it out 5 or 10 days. We all know those votes shouldn’t count.

I think we need to start meeting again and vetting the heck out of candidates for 2022.


About Mark Smith

Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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