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Social Media is important news technology now.  These 3 articles and a great job listing are proof the social media’s relevance in today news.  I am a great proponent of this.

Social media and the news today.

Japan earthquake and tsunami drives social media dialogue.

Social media extremely helpful in #Japan yesterday.

And then there’s this great job, using social media skills:


This is going to the beginning of HOW TO for my older crowd who wants to be more expert with all this social media (facebook, twitter, email, blogs, etc…)

If the text and images are too small and you would like them bigger, do this:

  • Press the Ctrl key and scroll the wheel on the mouse forward.  OR
  • Go to the menus at the top.  View –>  Zoom –> Zoom In

Elements of a webpage:

The URL address is what everyone calls “the link”.  If someone wants you to send them the link THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT (the URL address).  To get the link, go to the webpage you want to share, send, copy, bookmark or whatever.  Once you get there, click in the URL box and turn it blue, or “highlight” it.  Then copy it (Ctrl-C) and paste it (Ctrl-V).  Explained below.

How to copy a link:

  • highlight the URL address at the top of the page. 
  • on the URL

  • press [Ctrl] and [C] at the same time. (now it’s copied to your clipboard)
  • go to your email or facebook page or where ever you want the link to go to and put the cursor in the exact place you want the link to appear.
  • Then press [Ctrl] and [V] at the same time. It should appear there now. If not, repeat.  Keep practicing. It works. I promise.

Step by step Copy text to an email with pictures:

Text from an email to another email:

Posting a link to facebook:

Mom, I need some feedback on these instructions.  I gotta know if I have left anything out.  Or if something just isn’t clear.


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