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Republicans will gain little by doing Immigration Reform amnesty in order to woo Hispanic voters (and sellout, harm the Nation in the process)

Those of you who know me know where I stand on Immigration and I’m not saying that Immigration reform is not possible in some way BUT Border Security is first and foremost above all else in this issue. With a … Continue reading

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Why President Obama continues to beat up a bickering Republican Party

Conservatives need to get a game plan now. It looks like the TEA Party will need to lead this campaign and borrow the GOP Platform. This is an honest look at Obama’s politically deft strategy and the obvious lack of GOP strategy. “It [Obama’s re-election] was the result of effective communication and an aggressive political infrastructure. He will win again and again without organized opposition.” Continue reading

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Meadows’ first Townhall Meeting

Rep. Mark Meadows’ first Townhall Meeting on Friday, Feb. 1st, 6-7pm at the library. Do you have any questions about the debt ceiling? What would REALLY happen if the debt ceiling is NOT raised? Maybe you have a question about the budget? Please come get directly involved in YOUR government. Continue reading

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Videos NC TEA PAC conference January 19

Here are the links to the video clips from last Saturday’s (1/19/13) TEAPAC Conference in Greensboro for those who could not attend. a forum was conducted to discuss how the grassroots groups can impact the leadership and direction of the NC GOP to better promote their conservative values. Both Jack Brosch and “Major Dave” responded to questions from the floor regarding their views and interests in serving in a key leadership role within the Party, and how they would act to improve relationships among and between the grassroots groups and the Party. Continue reading

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TEA Party Organizational Team on 1/26/13

2nd NC Tea Party Coalition – State-wide Organizational Meeting For more information, email Franklin.  10:30 am – 12:30 North Carolina Tea Party Coalition DR CL GRAY special guest–Obamacare expert to congress Saturday, January 26th ADRIAN L SHUFORD JR YMCA 1104 … Continue reading

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Swearing In of Officials 2013

Inaugural Ceremonies and public Swearing In of the Governor, Lt. Governor, NC Justices, and the new Council of State officials, 1/12/13, in Raleigh. I was sitting to the far right in the audience in front of the stage. I booed the Attorney General Roy Cooper (D) when he was introduced – big political faux pas! I watched the hour-long parade from the corner before the Governor’s viewing stand. I enjoyed myself greatly at the Lt. Governor’s BBQ. Continue reading

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Greater good is served with armed Citizens with guns

If there is to be any action on Gun control, the action needs to be taken to secure against the misuse of firearms due to human negligence, rather than the guns themselves. Guns are NOT to blame as a gun … Continue reading

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Speaker Boehner Has Trouble Within The GOP Ranks

Maybe everyone in Congress isn’t playing so nice? This article is encouraging. But on the other hand, maybe it wasn’t prudent thinking that called off the coup, but an establishment double-crossing of the small, conservative group? Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff bills passed by both Senate and House

Here are the final vote counts from the House and Senate votes from 1/1/13. See how your “favorite” politicians voted on this huge tax bill. For every $41 raised in NEW TAXES, they cut $1. But yes, they did make permanent the Bush Tax Cuts…. Continue reading

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“You’ve already got your platform. The Blue Bloods aren’t using it.”

In 2012, 4 million Republican voters stayed home. In 2008, an additional 6 million GOP voters stayed home. ~~ It could be said, 10 million conservatives have checked out of the political process. ~~ The GOP is out of touch since they keep prematurely “anointing” moderates like Romney and McCain long before the last Primaries happen. Continue reading

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