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Caldwell County sample ballot

Caldwell County sample ballot (within Hudson city limits)

Caldwell County sample ballot (within Blowing Rock city limits)

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Waiving a Jury Trail for Felons
AGAINST   —- article

Mark Martin  (R) conservative
Ola Lewis   (D) liberal

Eric Levinson   (R)
Robin Hudson   (D)

Mike Robinson (R)
Cheri Beasley (D)

Bob Hunter  (R)
Sam Irvin Jr  (D)

NC COURT OF APPEALS – 19 running!
Hunter Murphy  (R) – conservative from WNC and strong on the Constitution
John Tyson (R) – conservative from Winston-Salem
The rest are candidates are Democrats or live in Raleigh.

Donna Stroud

Paul Holcomb  (R)
Mark David (D)

Bill Southern (R)
Lucy Inman (D)

Dan Kuehnert (R)
C. Thomas Edwards (D)   NC Bar Public Reprimand, 2012.

F. Wesley Sigmon  (R)
David Aycock (R)

Thom Tillis (R)
Kay Hagan (D)
Libertarian candidate is not an  acceptable candidate for US Senate.
John Rhodes (I) – only official write-in.
John Rhodes was a Republican who outed Jim Black and Richard Morgan for corruption. It is rumored one of the other people in this race of the same party is responsible for drumming Rhodes out of office and putting up a challenger for the Republican seat he lost in the NC Legislature.  If you write-in anyone else (like Mickey Mouse or Ronald Reagan), the vote won’t be counted.

Mark Meadows (R)
Tom Hill (D)

Dan Soucek (R)
Jim Sponenberg (D)

  • When we had Sponenberg and Soucek at a meeting, Sponenberg agreed with Soucek most of the time, except on Obamacare. Sponenberg supports Obamacare. A couple times Sponenberg didn’t even take the mic, but just waved off this turn and said, “I ditto what Dan said.”
  • Sponenberg lives at Cedar Rock Village and he said many of his neighbors were teachers and they didn’t get a raise. Hey! Isn’t that a country club community? Sponenberg is a wealthy banker and his neighbors’ are “poor” teachers? I thought teachers were low paid? Maybe I’m wrong.

Edgar Starnes (R)
No Democrat challenger

Annette Caldwell-Swanson  (R)  Dislikes Common Core.
Teresa Branch (R)
The rest of the School Board Candidates are either supporters of Common Core or they have little knowledge of it in order to make sound decision one way or the other.

Alan Jones (R)
no Democrat challenger for Sheriff

David Learner (R)
no Democrat challenger for DA



Ends JULY 15


DAVID LEARNER (R) challenger
39% Votes in the Primary.
Learner didn’t reach the 40% + one vote to avoid a Run-off.

JAY GAITHER (R) incumbent
32% of the votes in the Primary
Gaither challenged Learner.

“Have you seen the headlines? A federal lawsuit has been filed against Gaither for sexual harassment of a female attorney that worked in Gaither’s office in 2013, and who is also the daughter of the DA from Lincoln and Cleveland counties. I know Sexual Harrassment can range from making someone “feel uncomfortable” to “unwanted sexual advances”. But shouldn’t a decent, ethical, professional DA be well versed in the nuances and avoid any controversial office behavior? As with trouble with multiple DUI’s, how did Gaither think he would get away with that? Character matters. Elections matter!”

Gaither sued for Harrassment and defamation, 6/26:

Federal lawsuit filed against DA Gaither, 6/26:!/newsDetail/25882331

Many, many articles from all over the state about Gaither’s woes: search “DA Jay Gaither federal lawsuit”

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Democrat Sample Ballot

Libertarian Sample Ballot

Republican Sample Ballot

Unaffiliated Sample Ballot

Caldwell County Board of Elections link

May 6th candidate’s list

November candidate’s list

—–  Candidates for the May 2014 Primary —-

US Senate

Debate videos:

WNC-TV, 4.28.14:

Latest Senate polls:

Ballotpedia, 4/29/14:,_2014  

Civitas, 4/29/14: bias)

Real Clear Politics, 4/29/14:

PPP, 4/29/14:  (Liberal bias)

Civitas, 4/24/14: (Conservative bias)


Sen. Kay Hagan (D)

Dr. Greg Brannon (R )

Rev. Mark Harris (R)

NC Speaker Thom Tillis (R )

Heather Grant (R )

Ted Alexander (R)

Caldwell County Sheriff

Alan Jones (R )

Lance Wilson (R )


District Attorney

Jay Gaither (R)

David Learner (R)

Scott Reilly (R)


Ben Griffin (R )

  • Reduced county government budget by millions.
  • Was past Commission Chairman.

Donnie Potter (R )

  • Running as a commissioner for the people.
  • Promises to do whatever the people want.
  • Seems to be interested in spending some real money on projects the county may not be able to afford at this time.

Mike LaBrose (R )

  • Easy to get along with, but not a strong leader.
  • Voted to build the new middle school.
  • Voted to reduce county budget.

Chris Barlowe (R )

  • Big focus on upgrading Emergency Management Services.
  • Voted to build the new middle school.
  • Voted to reduce county budget.





—————-   O L D   I N F O   B E L O W   —————

Candidates definitely out of their races.

Rep. Viginia Foxx (R )

  • Official website –
  • PPP Poll: Foxx is GOP favorite, 12/11/12 – Foxx’s “appeal to the ‘very conservative’ wing of the party” puts her ahead.
  • Sabato’s view on 2014 Senate races, 1/17/13 –
  • Beginning to push Boehner’s talking points recently.

NC Senate Leader Phil Berger (R )

  • Sabato’s view on 2014 Senate races, 1/17/13 –
  • iCaucus invitation sent 5/7/13
  • Still not officially in the race, 7/21/13, but he is still exploring a run.

Rep. George Holding  (R )

  • Might just be rumors, probably not running

Rep. Renee Elmers (R )

  • Is in the race, but the senate is way out of her league.
  • Elected in 2010 with loads of TEA Party help, but hasn’t lived up to her promises.  Tends to vote with the Boehner on key issues similar.
  • Not raising the money necessary to run a Senate campaign.

Ex-Ambassador James Cain (R )

  • Has some personal and professional baggage.
  • I haven’t heard his name mentioned in the possible Senate candidates for a while, 7/14/13.

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R )

  • PPP Poll: Foxx is GOP favorite, 12/11/12 – “Moderate voters prefer McHenry”.
  • Sabato’s view on 2014 Senate races, 1/17/13 –
  • Announced he will not be running for US Senate in the second week of April 2013.

Note to TEA Party peeps — be on the look out for conservative Senate candidates.  Rep. McHenry has been a pretty reliable conservative vote in the US House, although he’s not been a friend of the TEA Party for some unexplained reason.  Speaker Tillis is as smart a man as I’ve met, but he used some strong tactics against Ron Paul, Liberty, and TEA Party delegates as the state convention in 2012.   Rep. Renee Elmers hasn’t been able to maintain a smaller gov’t  mentality in DC.  Dr. Greg Brannon (never been a politician) is emerging a conservative, patriot who understands the Constitution, and certainly worth a second look.


NC GOP election June 8, 2013

NCGOP Chairman

Jack Brosch

  • official website –  (not up yet)ncgop jack brosch 3
  • Has completed his iCaucus CQQ (test). Awaiting his interview, as of 4/19/13.
  • facebook –
  • Video of candidate forum with Dave Goetz in January 2013:
  • Attended and briefly addressed NCGOP 11th District Convention, 4/27/13.  HIGHLIGHTS: I saw Boehner read the delegate vote results at the RNC convention for the presidential nomination. Things have to change. We won a trifecta plus in NC: Governor, Lt. Governor, some cabinets positions, plus the NC Supreme Court stayed Conservative.  Brosch Platform: Transparency, training, technology. We need a database of emails for quick communication.  The NCGOP needs up to date training for officers and those looking to run for office. He is guided by 3 documents: US and NC Constitutions, and GOP platform.  According to the Platform, the GOP as a whole doesn’t support corporate welfare, but they gave NC Panthers taxpayer money only to immediately find out they were going to stay no matter what.  He gave his website, but when I checked it this morning, 4/28, it’s not built yet.  It exists, but it’s not built.
  • Missed his phone interview with iCaucus on 4/28/13.
  • The second iCaucus call scheduled for 5/5/13 at 7pm had technical issues that prevented the call from being recorded.  No interview was conducted.
  • iCaucus interview conducted 5/5/13.
  • iCaucus interview posted 5/23/13.  Voting ends 5/28/13.  See below to vote:
    1. Go to the iCaucus link here:
    2. Listen to the interviews.
    3. See Ballot: Select your candidate. Sign the affidavits
    4. Send the ballot in an email to “Mitzi Fortune IC Affiliate Group Coordinator” <>

Claude Pope Jr                          WINNER!!

  • Accepted iCaucus vetting request, 4/19/13.
  • ncgop claude pope jrIn an effort to sort out the political Popes in NC: The John Locke Foundation is headed by John Hood. Art Pope and John Pope co-founded the JLF. Art Pope co-founded the NC Libertarian Party in 1976, but became an active Republican in the late 70’s. Art Pope is Pat McCrory’s newly appointed state Budget Director. Claude Pope Jr is a distant cousin of Art Pope. But what I don’t know is if Claude Pope Sr or Jr is running for NCGOP Chair.  [On 4/28/13, I found out it’s Jr.]
  • Article, 3/13/13 –  It is Claude Pope Jr who is running for NCGOP Chair.
  • Sent a surrogate, AJ Doud, to address the NCGOP 11th District Convention, 4/27/13, to speak on his behalf.  HIGHLIGHTS: AJ (always a TEA Party favorite) introduced himself as the newly elected 6th District GOP Chairman.  He gave Mr. Pope’s background as past Chairman of the Wake County GOP (2009-2011).  His platform is the 4T’s: Talent – find it and use it, Training – use all resources available for county chairmen, candidates and workers, Tactics – develop new strategies that work, and Treasury – get in the trenches to raise money in your counties and for the state at large.
  • Endorsement page on his website (as of 4/28/13, Gov. McCrory, Senator Burr, Lt. Gov. Forest, President Pro TemporePhil Berger, and Speaker Thom Tillis)
  • His iCaucus interview was conducted 5/8/13.

Mattie Lawson

NCGOP Vice Chairman

Glen Bradley

  • Has completed his iCaucus CQQ (test).  Awaiting his interview, as of 4/19/13.ncgop glen bradley
  • facebook –
  • NC House member elected 2010 and defeated in 2012 after the NCGOP re-drew his district as a sure loser for Republicans.
  • iCaucus interview conducted 4/24/13.
  • Sent a surrogate, Benny King, to address the NCGOP 11th District Convention, 4/27/13, to speak on his behalf.  HIGHLIGHTS: Bradley serviced one term as NC Representative in the NC General Assembly 2011-2013.  His commonsense approach is remarkable.  He is a US Marine veteran.  Will work hard to get more conservatives elected.  Concluded with “God bless you.”

Joyce Krawiec                              WINNER!!!

  • Accepted iCaucus vetting request, 4/19/13.
  • Grass Roots Activism Director for NC Federation of Republican Women
  • Grass Roots Coordinator for Freedomworks
  • facebook –
  • Sent a surrogate, Angie Thomas, to address the NCGOP 11th District Convention, 4/27/13, to speak on his behalf.   HIGHLIGHTS: Angie Thomas was the former Surry County GOP Chair.  Mrs. Krawiec worked hard on the Defense of Marriage Amendment.  She was the state coordinator for the NC Federation of Republican Women as well as a FreedomWorks state coordinator.  In her prepared remarks, she called for adherence to the GOP platform and UNITY between all the factions under the GOP umbrella.
  • iCaucus interview conducted 4/30/13.

Dave Goetz

  • Declined 2 invitations to accept iCaucus vetting.ncgop dave goetz
  • His reason for declining, 4/19/13 11:00pm, “While I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to participate, I will politely decline. For the mainstream conservatives in the party, the lack of focus on the social issues provided by the iCaucus vetting process fails to draw the distinction between candidates I believe is most important to this party at this time for these positions. It falls short of addressing critical platform issues not encompassed in your subject areas of exploration that provide at best an incomplete assessment of suitability and at worst, a misleading one since one could agree completely with all of your positions and yet differ widely from the adopted platform on other issues. I do not challenge you or your organization’s right to have an opinion on the candidates or to express it publicly, but I do reject any notion that any group outside of the party should play any role (de facto, ex-officio, implicit or otherwise) beyond a statement of endorsement in the selection of candidates wholly within the party since it represents a trespass on the sovereignty of the party to determine its own rules and procedures for electing candidates for office in it, and for whom is best qualified to serve it in those capacities. I sincerely hope that all of the duly elected delegates to the convention will exercise their own due diligence in vetting all of the candidates before casting their vote, as is the history, custom, tradition and policy of the party. My best, Dave”
  • facebook –
  • Video of candidate forum with Jack Brosch in January 2013:
  • Videos of Iredell County Republican Women’s candidate Forum (full article link) with Major Dave Goetz, Marcus Kindley, Joyce Krawiec. Commentary by Major Dave Goetz.
  • Goetz did not attend or send a surrogate to the NCGOP 11th District Convention, 4/27/13.

Marcus Kindley

  • Awaiting any response about iCaucus vetting, as of 4/19/13.ncgop jack brosch
  • On 4/27/13, I had the pleasure of talking to Marcus K indley at the NCGOP 11th District Convention.  My friend asked him before I could, “Aren’t you the guy we (grassroots groups from across NC) put up for NCGOP Chair in 2011? And you accepted the invitation, had the best chance of winning, and then got on stage and declined to nomination leaving us with no choice?”  Kindley’s response, “I wasn’t going to run if I couldn’t win.”  My friend’s response was “That’s your pride getting in the way.”  My follow up with Kindley was, “We wanted to vote for you.  We wanted to go on record with our discontent with the NCGOP status quo.  You denied us the opportunity to even vote for you.”  He thanked us for the feedback and hoped he could count on our support.  My friend and I “declined.”
  • Attended and briefly addressed NCGOP 11th District Convention, 4/27/13.  HIGHLIGHTS:  A story about two brothers – a pessimist and an optimist. The optimist was looking for the pony in the pile of manure.  (He is rather long winded and has difficulty getting to his point.)


 NC Supreme  Court Chief Justice

Mark Martin (conservative)

  • iCaucus interview scheduled for 5/20/13.
  • Justice Martin completed his interview and it was so informative!
  • Endorsed by iCaucus, June 2013.

a liberal woman (D)


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