The Trap Is Laid

Listen to this 46-minute podcast Episode 2264 by X22 on  His most recent podcast is so interesting.  It’s about the trap Trump has laid:

  • Federal Reserve (central bank), how it relates to the lock down, and the related cover-up
  • General Flynn’s case and the very corrupt Judge Sullivan (he’s in a pickle)
  • PEACE in the Middle East
  • Trump reTweeted the new CDC’s data that only 6% of people died from Covid-19, the other 94% were very old (median age 81) AND had serious underlying illnesses.
  • Mask wearing
  • How the riots are backfiring on the Democrats and the Deep State.  They wanted us to react.  They wanted a civil war.  We, the silent majority, have sat back a watched these riots go on while the fake news and Democrat politicians from Mayors to Governors to Biden/Harris tell us “there is no rioting.”  We see the violence, and we didn’t take the bait.  Now the Deep State is trapped.
  • Antifa is the paid Deep State army for the Deep State.  The Deep State has lost control of their Antifa soldiers.
  • Message: President Monroe ran unopposed by no organized candidate or party.


I’m reading and listening to:


Praying Medic

Podcast Partner of InTheMatrixxx

Read and ponder them for yourself.


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Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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