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Candidate filing has closed today

Here’s the run down of who’s in the races. And who we will see in Caldwell County ballots in May. If you come TEA Party meetings regularly, then you’ve probably met some of these candidates. We will continue to have as many candidates as we can at the meetings before the last day of voting on May 8th. Continue reading

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Rising Prices, The Federal Reserve and the payroll tax-cut (part 1)

control spending — which includes the Fed Reserve spending, printing of money and transfer of wealth —for example some prior $7.7 Trillion sent overseas, to foreign banks, foreign unfriendly Nations at the expense of Americans!! NO, the answer is not more spending, not more govt BUT it is the answer of CUTS, austerity, conservation, and less govt to get it out of the way of stifling economic growth. Continue reading

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Islamization in education today

Brigitte Gabriel gives a powerful speech in a Tennessee church on Islamization in education today. Please pay attention!! She speaks the truth. She has dedicated her life to spreading this information to citizens and government officials. Will you listen? A … Continue reading

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LOAD UP!!! We have a TEA Party bus to fill!!!

The cost will be around $40-50 dollars each. We will leave around midnight (Friday night) and return back here around 2am on Sunday morning. Depending on how many people are going, we will leave from Lenoir or Hickory.

I need to know as soon as possible, we have one bus and can get a second one if needed! You can mail me a check or bring it the next meeting 3/6. I will take money until that night we leave, but if I don’t know you want to go, I can’t reserve you a space and you might not get a seat. Continue reading

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Ethan Wingfield: Conservative or Fraud

Since he has not held office before one can only judge the depth of Wingfield’s conservatism on his political activism as a young man in college. Unfortunately for western NC conservatives, Ethan’s record is one any RINO or Democrat could appreciate.

Wingfield was involved in the 2006 reelection campaign for liberal Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, serving as Brown’s co-founder of “Students for Chafee”. Chafee was best known to conservatives for his support of abortion, federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, amnesty for illegal aliens, opposition to Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito’s confirmation, as well as opposition to the 2nd Amendment. Chafee even opposed a bipartisan effort to ban partial birth abortion,..

Continue reading

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Dr Dan withdraws from Congressional race today

Dr Dan Eichenbaum withdraws from the 11th District Congressional race today.  His withdrawal is quoted in full, and my comments are below. Dr. Dan 4 Congress 2012 – February 20, 2012 Dr. Dan says thank you . . . With … Continue reading

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DAYTIME MEETING – 2/22, 10am at Library

This is our second daytime meeting. Since many of those who were at the last meeting were new to the group, I think we will talk about the information on the website, facebook, and twitter. There are so important political activities coming up that I would like to discuss. I’ll share candidate info from the internet with everyone so you can do your own research. Continue reading

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Warning: LIGNET Reports Iran May Be Planning Terrorist Attack With Al-Qa’ida

LIGNET: February 17, 2012 — Reports that Iran is cooperating with al-Qaeda on plans for a “spectacular” attack on the West have to be taken seriously, particularly in light of the attempted assassinations of Israeli diplomats last week and the revelation last year that al-Qaeda had begun using Iran as a transit point to its bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iran could be helping al-Qaeda in very specific ways to plan the kind of high-profile attack that would allow it to once again assert itself as a serious threat to security in the world. Continue reading

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Christian in Middle East Face Approaching Dangers – LIGNET The Arab Spring has made Christians throughout the Middle East fear for their lives as the protection that authoritarian regimes in the region once offered them has evaporated. In Egypt and Syria, the largest Arab nations, persecution against them is likely to worsen in the months ahead. Continue reading

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MEETING – Thurs, 7pm at the Library

What:    Caldwell TEA Party regular meeting When:   7:00 pm, THURSDAY, Feb. 16th Where:  Caldwell County Main Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645 Caldwell TEA Party regular meeting with important guest US Army Colonel McIllwain. He will join us to … Continue reading

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