Speaker Boehner Has Trouble Within The GOP Ranks

Maybe everyone in Congress isn’t playing so nice?  This article is encouraging.


But on the other hand, maybe it wasn’t prudent thinking that called off the coup, but an establishment double-crossing of the small, conservative group?  According to the rules, the House Republicans only needed 17 conservative Republicans to break ranks and setup a second vote for a Republican Speaker of House.  Since there has been a lot of talk of replacing Boehner, maybe the establishment created the coup as a distraction, so they could call it off.  Think about it, if there was already a “plan” or rumors of a coup, why would someone work on a second coup plan??  But… I’m sure I’m giving the dunderheads too much credit?


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Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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