American Spirit continues – Dream Act summary

Happy New Year! Hope all had great Christmas and Holidays. Getting back here to summarize what happened on the DREAM Act — WE DID IT!!

We defeated the DREAM Amnesty in the Senate. With that defeat, the Open Borders coalition to snag an amnesty has disappeared once again. The Dream Act has been defeated 8 straight times and with good reason is to be rejected, where illegal Aliens should now resolve that amnesty is not to occur again and they do not have a legal voice to U.S. Congressmen.  This now makes 10 years past (2000-2010) of the American People stopping any amnesty where amnesty after amnesty has been introduced in Congress.   From 1986 to 2000 several amnesties, big and small were passed. We now know that amnesty (or code words “pathway to Citizenship“) is a failed policy of the past. ANY action that gives legal status to an illegal Alien is an amnesty. Each time amnesty was attempted, you and your fellow Americans joined force to deluge Congress with millions of faxes, and untold phone calls and personal visits. In the end, all the power and money marshaled by the Chamber of Commerce, the ethnic lobbies, the unions, big religion, the mainstream media, and even the White House–all that wasn’t enough. It couldn’t overcome public opinion. — Or more so, Congressmen were told they would lose their office.

While we claim victory here — be wary for the immigration issue and the Border problem will continue and be brought up again –which may or may not occur this 2011 year– and Patriots again will stand up for the U.S. Border and hence the U.S. Nation!! The Immigration issue will remain a problem until enforcement is actually practiced, the Border is secured properly, benefits for illegal Aliens are ended and the illegal Alien numbers are brought to a minimal manageable level.  Folks, as some may know, the Border problem is tied to a concept of creating a ‘North American Union’ (like the European Union) which means no U.S. Border, hence no U.S. country (which is on the minds of so-called ‘Globalists’)  which ultimately is what this is about — which I will bring up at a later time.   For now, I promise not to bring up illegal immigration for awhile.   Thank you to all Tea Party members and American Citizens and Legal Immigrants standing up in this fight and taking action. Thank You and Best for this coming new year…

President Obama had stated that the defeat of the DREAM Act had delivered Obama his “greatest disappointment”. Out of all the lame-duck session legislation passed, this bill was the most critical to be stopped with maybe an exception being the Food Safety bill. Being on the e-mail list of the Obama Admin.’s ‘Organizing for America’ (OFA), I receive comment about Obama’s goings on. The following message I received from OFA on 11/4/2010 after the election:


The results of Tuesday’s elections were disappointing for a lot of us. But because of the work you all did, we won some key races in places all over the country.

We have a lot to be proud of — and a lot of work still left ahead.

The President recorded a message yesterday thanking you for all you’ve done.

Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee — 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.”

Well, it is just fine to see President Obama disappointed on these subjects that the American People do not want. Lets look forward to seeing President Obama continue to be disappointed for the next two years.

Obama, WE are disappointed with you and your efforts to destroy the borders of the United States via mass Amnesty passed under the guise of benefiting innocent children or with “comprehensive immigration reform” per a flooding designed “guest-worker program“. WE are also disappointed with a U.S. President that sides with a foreign Nation to attack the State of Arizona and treats Arizona as not being U.S. soil.  Or for that matter not treating the rest of the U.S. Border States or other U.S. States as U.S. soil with U.S. sovereignty.

The exodus of illegal aliens out of America, already documented by Homeland Security, the US Census Department, Center for Immigration Studies, and the Pew Hispanic Center, should escalate in 2011 as we put the illegal aliens and their supporters on the run. Having done the defense, it is now time for offense as we intend to make advances in ENFORCEMENT.

Patriots across America gained an enormous victory against the Pro-Amnesty leftists and wrong place RINO’s in Washington!

Despite protests, marches and political intimidation tactics, Sen. Harry Reid’s secret plans to pull a fast one on us, with a Saturday vote on the Amnesty DREAM Act, failed by 5 votes in the Senate.

“Dirty” Harry and the Administration had been relying on the DREAM Act to work as a “backdoor amnesty plan” for students and criminals alike in order to build a wider voter-base for the 2012 Elections. In the details of the bill, the amnesty was not just for upcoming “helpless” illegal college students, but rather a mass amnesty for multiple millions with no enforcement elements to assure the American People.

The leftist, progressive effort amassed behind this bill by lobbyists, legislators and the administration could not have painted a clearer picture about what “comprehensive reform” really means to Washington – AMNESTY!


We appreciate all of the sacrifices people have made. Thank You.

Please see ‘Update about the DREAM Act’ in comments section to see actual Vote tally….(important info for the future).


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4 Responses to American Spirit continues – Dream Act summary

  1. Steve Bogdan says:

    This is a great piece you wrote and thanks for all your efforts keeping us all informed about these issues. I look forward to working along side with you and our Caldwellteaparty in general this coming year. Steve B

  2. Bill Sproul says:

    Good work, Ron. Wish we had been as successful on the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’

  3. Evelyn says:

    The DREAM Act will pass. Time will tell. Children, children like my siblings, do not have the opportunity to further their education regardless of the amount of ambition, perseverance, and intelligence they may have. I am the Valedictorian of my graduating class and have been offered a plethora of scholarships and acceptances to some of the highest-ranking colleges and universities in the world. I am greatful for the opportunities I’ve been given but what about the other thousands of undocumented students that will be graduating alongside me with little hope of bettering themselves? Do not think that undocumented students are here to take away from documented students like myself, in reality through the media and the press, when does one ever hear of an undocumented student commiting lude acts of some sort? Hardly. Undocumented citizens pay taxes, contribute to society, and are back bone of society. THEY ARE THE AMERICAN DREAM. The DREAM Act will benefit many in so many ways; do not pass false judgement on something that is seemingly “wrong”. Respect my opinion as I do yours.

  4. Ron King says:

    The DREAM Act, just like any other amnesty for illegal Aliens, should not be passed and has no place being brought forward as valid legislation because the legislation acts on behalf or to the betterment of ILLEGAL Aliens who have no legal grounding to the U.S. to be acted for (because they are foreign Nationals), which also acts at the expense of legal immigrants, American Citizens and undermines/abolishes U.S. Border law. Some may choose to use the terms “undocumented” (or falsely label illegal Aliens as just “migrants” or “immigrants” or “undocumented workers” or “in the shadows” whatever other word twisting you want to do) to try and marginalize or make appear illegal Aliens as innocent victims, but false labels does not remove the facts that the persons are an illegal Alien due to illegal Border entry. The terms “undocumented citizen” or “undocumented immigrant” is an oxymoron (terms contradict) because it is not possible. Regardless of ethnicity, country of origin — U.S. law of legal entry applies to all. Illegal Aliens know what they are doing and their criminal intent when they cross the Border! The DREAM Act will not benefit legal immigrants, American Citizens or the United States because again it is an action that continues along with the already too many benefits for illegal Aliens, a destruction of U.S. laws and hence U.S. well-being.

    The DREAM Act was defeated and wisely not passed 8 straight times (which says by itself that it is a bad idea) and legal immigrants and American Citizens and their families are glad the bill was defeated. The DREAM Act, just as with prior amnesty legislation, immigration bills and other legislation (example- healthcare-set to aid illegal Aliens as well) that was generated by the White House/Executive Branch has details in the bill that are bad long-term negative impacts for America. As with all bad legislation, in the supposed government “solution” comes all the poison so that the government can then come back with more “solution” and yet more poison. The DREAM Act would allow not just students, but also illegal Aliens up to age 35 to claim a legal stay (amnesty – given a temporary green card) allow then family members outside the U.S. to petition for green cards — which balloons the amnesty numbers up to multiple MILLIONS. (Meanwhile the U.S., States and American Workers are currently bankrupt). (so the bill is not just about the image of “poor innocent illegal Alien children” being denied as the media wants to portray). The DREAM Act also has provisions that allows the Dept. Homeland Security to just waive verification requirements or college attendance requirements for illegal Aliens and so by Executive Order can just implement a mass amnesty — INSTEAD of doing its job to enforce the law, deport and secure the Border. The DREAM Act has no enforcement provisions (of course not — deliberately designed by the writers of the bill) to verify the truth of claims by illegal Aliens or to keep heinous felony illegal Aliens (rape, murder, gangs) from getting an amnesty. The DREAM Act is all in advantage to illegal Aliens with NO responsibility to Americans or integrity of U.S. law! The DREAM Act is a bad bill with bad details and bad concept and policy for the future.

    See, the argument that illegal Aliens and their supporters want to use in order to get their way, get their stolen benefits and impose their thievery and illegal staying on U.S. soil (mind you–at the expense of American families livelihood), is their physical presence based on terms of their collective numbers (mass intrusion or invasion of U.S. soil)– to say to lawmakers and Americans –”well, there are just so many of us illegal Aliens, what else are you going to do with illegal Aliens other than giving illegal Aliens what they want”….to begin with, what can be done is to start enforcing immigration laws that should have been done all along (then we would not have this problem) and that way illegal immigration will fix itself, reverse itself when illegal Aliens know they can no longer get what they want. Yes, deporting illegal Aliens needs to be done when possible, but simply enforcing the law, per Arizona’s SB1070 enforcement law and other measures such as E-verify (for Employers), the 287g program, etc. Yes, illegal Aliens of ALL ethnicity of all ages being jailed, deported is a positive action. Yes, ICE raids on illegal employers is a positive action. Illegal immigration can be ended by enforcement where a mass round-up deportation is not necessary and a mass round-up deportation is NOT being proposed here.

    I will submit that I and other pro-enforcement Americans do not relish in illegal Alien persons or such illegal Alien students being put through hardship, family distress or dismal futures or the problem of being unable to get college education (illegal Aliens get K-12 education at a cost $600 million to NC alone as it is!) (As well, after illegal Aliens get a college education they then are illegally banned from being hired in the U.S.) BUT, the law and principle of U.S. sovereignty has to be stood up for at some point, because when is enough, enough?? Why not just do away with the Border, terminate the U.S. as a Nation, do away with U.S. laws altogether and raise the Mexican and Chinese flag in the U.S. everywhere?? Why not move the entire Nation of Mexico into the U.S. and then we can devolve the U.S. down into a Third World Nation?? The U.S. does not have to accept, tolerate or stand for foreign flags being raised and waved by ILLEGAL Intruders. American soldiers in many wars have died to protect U.S. soil, sovereignty and the U.S. flag and their blood will mean nothing if the Border is done away with! The U.S. and all its States does not have to tolerate or accept illegal intrusion, ID theft and being violated with other crimes by an illegal invasion which is why the DREAM Act or any further allowance to illegal Aliens is no longer a valid policy, and is a bad policy of the past. An action of an amnesty is not a one-time only final action because this has been done before and it only encourages more invasion of U.S. Borders and gives a green-light to illegal Aliens to say that they have succeeded in their tactic of invasion.

    Illegal Aliens suffer hardship due to the bad decision they had made and it is their own fault. They know what they have done and know they are stealing the U.S. when they cross the Border. Children of all Parents have to suffer the consequences of bad decisions made by their Parents unfortunately (example -letting a child play in the road, etc.). It is the same aspect of a Parent deciding to rob a store or do drugs that gets the Parent arrested or harms the children directly that the child suffers from the Parent’s decision. Illegal Aliens can make a contribution and they need to do that in their home country to improve their own country or they can immigrate legally.

    The media (mainstream propaganda media) hides and downplays illegal Aliens doing crimes so that they can protect illegal Aliens and make their unfounded claims that illegal Aliens are good. Some and many illegal Alien crimes do in fact get reported, but is only the tip of the iceberg. Two years ago, a woman was killed in Caldwell County when sitting at Granite Falls Wal-Mart intersection and hit by a 60 mph car accident that was found to be an illegal Alien driver. A few years ago, a counterfeit ID theft ring was arrested in Lincoln County, where illegal Aliens were found with many counterfeit NC driver licenses and other documents. A couple years ago the Gardner family (wife and kids, father survived) was killed by a DUI illegal Alien in Mt. Holly, NC ( I attended the townhall meeting in Gastonia with NC Rep. Sue Myrick who proposed new enforcement legislation for NC). Reported was the murder of the son of a California Legislator in San Francisco yet San Francisco remains a SANCTUARY city. And Yes, Americans commit heinous or DUI death crimes too but these crimes would not happen if illegal Aliens were not here. Those are the worst cases and they get reported, but multiply that by 1000’s and that is what occurs Nationwide by an illegal intrusion. In fact the number of American DUI deaths alone attributed to illegal Aliens is approximately 3000 annually. No, you won’t hear that reported in the news… But, illegal Aliens and foreign Nations don’t care as they foist this damage on America and $$ billions is sent back to such foreign Nations by their invader illegal Aliens. Illegal Aliens are aided by hiding out in their collective mass number and their “immigrant community” making matters worse.

    The bigger picture of this matter, is that illegal entry (immigration) of the U.S. should be deterred, not welcomed– due to the multiple negative impacts to U.S. society and all other societies in the world. ALL Nations of the world have laws of legal entry (visas, passports) with wise reason to prevent violation and bad outcomes. Mexico’s immigration laws are ten times more strict then U.S. law yet they have the assaulting gall to complain about U.S. laws or the State of Arizona being enforced. There are currently 13 avenues of legal entry guest-worker visa programs (H1B, H2A,etc.) available to foreign workers and the U.S. takes in 1 million Legal Immigrants annually as it is (which should be looked at and an immigration moratorium set for awhile due to the current high unemployment and recession).

    The U.S. immigration system is NOT broken, it is simply not enforced. When the U.S. immigration laws are enforced then Immigrants to the U.S. respect U.S. laws and respect other U.S. laws to not commit crime. Millions of Legal Immigrants gladly have waited in long lines and entered the U.S. legally thru history , that then assimilate, learn English and become an American supporting the U.S. Nation‘s laws. So illegal Aliens can resolve the issue by returning home to then enter the U.S. legally. If in a illegal Alien chooses to stay illegal, then they can sit there and stay illegal and know that enforcement makes him illegal because he knows what he needs to do to fix the problem. Those that want to aid illegal Aliens either need to go to the foreign country of their choosing (Mexico, Honduras, China, wherever) and work to improve that countries conditions or donate to charities to help would-be illegal aliens in those foreign countries. Charities that aid and abet illegal Aliens in the U.S. should be enforced against and denied funding. Gradual and steady enforcement of immigration laws will make the problem solve itself and is what should have been done all along. Americans and legal immigrants (who are violated to begin with) should not be expensed by an illegal intruding populous, to then pay thru taxation to help illegal invaders lives.

    Where, does it stop?? Of course illegal invaders don’t want it to stop, organizations like the National Council of La Raza don’t want it to stop. Secure the Border — Troops on the Border. 70% of Americans support enforcement of immigration laws. 70%-80% of Arizonans, Americans support the SB1070 law. Yes, we know where the main problem is, because 60-70% of illegal immigration comes off the U.S.-Mexico Border. Any and all actions to make crossing the Border as hard as possible should be taken. Any fence or other blocking mechanism of illegal Aliens should be undertaken. Ending illegal immigration as a way of life is the goal. NOPE, the time has come to say enough is enough.

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