RED ALERT: Call Senators to oppose ineffective bad for America 900 page “immigration” bill that undermines the solvency of America.

Protest 3

GOP Senators Cornyn and Hatch Join Dems On Amnesty Bill — this awful Democrat designed bill does nothing to stop illegal entry of the U.S. and illegal immigration — it only suggests minimal window dressing enforcements that later can be pulled back and not done. So again — illegal Aliens get certified amnesty, America gets stuffed with too much immigration (we ALREADY take in more than the whole world COMBINED annually) that once done will NEVER be reversed — while the BORDER and U.S. Laws of its domain and security of its soil DOES NOT exist and only blow off promised to get done.   Marco Rubio may sound good on issues of capitalism but thisis NOT about economics, this immigration bill is an Act of defilement of enormous proportions that WILL impact every aspect of America that will be irrevocable, irreversible once done.  Marco Rubio now on record and on commercials putting lies out about the immigration bill that it will benefit America.

Marco Rubio is now a disgrace for standing with Chuck Schumer and no longer should get Tea Party backing just as former Senator Scott Brown turned against standing up for America. Conflicting bogus reports claim that this immigration bill is getting Tea Party support — but likes of Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Dick Armey are NOT Tea Party — they are sellouts to America.   Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich and other RINO Republicans do NOT stand for any or all Tea Parties.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS NOT ABOUT JOBS!!   IT’S about U.S. soil being invaded and having the collective mass intrusion impose its will for extortion and illegal demands!!  Illegal immigration is NOT about nice “undocumented immigrants” trying to work and raise a family and illegal Aliens are NOT friends and family to America — Illegal entry is about U.S. soil being intruded and U.S. Laws being made worthless, insignificant that which upholds the U.S. as a Nation not to be disintegrated. AMNESTY IS the final act of invasion success and it is complete ignorance of U.S. as a Nation.

We have Republicans not standing up for America and supporting a an awful bad immigration bill that is skewed to disservicing America with an unneeded massive influx of “workers” in a so-called “guest-worker” program designed to flood America into having no Borders. Also included is a biometric National ID card that Americans will then be penalized for illegal Aliens invading their Nation by having to be ‘tagged’ with a National ID card able to be tracked like an RFID chip .

Incredibly, this bill in a single decade would give out about half the number of green cards as all the immigrants who ever came in the history of this country since the founding of Jamestown four centuries ago.
No matter what you may think about legalizing most of the current illegal population in this country, you can’t possibly justify adding 33 million potential foreign job seekers as competitors for scarce U.S. jobs.

Furthermore, this bill would be a pathway to higher chain migration (making the total influx to be about 50 million!) and massive new social service expenditures in a time of budget deficit and debt crisis. And it would lead to more illegal immigration because it gives the legalization and work permits first with only promises of future enforcement, just like the previous seven amnesties between 1986 and 2000 which had no hard enforcement triggers and served only to entice 11 million new illegal immigrants who now demand their own amnesty.

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted down every border security and immigration enforcement amendment offered by real Americans like Senator Jeff Sessions. On most of the votes, the GOP traitors Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) voted with the Democrats to defeat enforcement measures 12-6!

This was not unexpected, but what was unexpected was Republicans Senators Orrin Hatch and John Cornyn joining with the Democrats and Gang of 8 members to vote in a committee substitute offered by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). This means we have new Republican supporters for an almost new 900 page bill that must be analyzed quickly! Early reports indicate that millions of prior agricultural workers who were here in the US on visas will now be welcomed back into America as citizens!

Today, these turncoat Senators Cornyn and Hatch will be added to ALIPAC’s tracking list as “For Amnesty Bill.”

Supporting article from Breitbart News
Senators Cornyn and Hatch Join Amnesty Bill Traitors In DC…itors-dc-1802/

Please call their DC and District offices and share with them your opposition to S 744 and your dismay at their support for Amnesty.

Do not be surprised if their staff tries to push back and claim you are in error or that they do not support Amnesty. For the many new supporters on our Defeat Amnesty 2013 list, lying politicians and their lying staff may be new to you.

Call and say “I am very upset to hear that Senator Cornyn/Hatch is supporting the despicable Amnesty bill S 744 and liberal Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and Obama on immigration matters! I will not forget his support for Amnesty for illegal aliens and I look forward to throwing him out of office at the next opportunity. How dare he vote to support a bill in the Judiciary Committee that will turn millions of illegal aliens into voters and bring more than 50 million people into America in the next 10 years at a cost of more than 6 Trillion dollars!?!?”

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