Keep Calling Congress IMPORTANT

Let’s make this one thing clear – this is a Senate and Obama government shutdown.

Orchestrated efforts from the Left are brutal on good conservative Congressman and Senators – Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Mark Meadows – the Architect, and of course Ted Cruz, to name a few.  When I say the “Left” I mean Progressive politicians and the lame stream media that do the President’s bidding for him.

Capitol Switchboard         1-202-224-3121

Keep calling Meadows, Burr, and Hagan about the funding or delay of Obamacare, how else is change going to come if we don’t stop feeding the bloated federal gov’t beast?  Bloat, bloat, bloat!

Someone I recently communicated with told me “I spoke with Congressional staff in the Washington office. They’re getting slammed by callers who oppose what Meadows has been doing relative to Obamacare and the Continuing Resolution…. the calls from nasty opponents are drowning out calls such as we’re making to his office.”

Another said, “there’s a growing concern that the GOP Establishment will ultimately cave.  We have $100T in accumulated debt and unfunded mandates. Federal debt exceeded the total of all goods & services in 2012. By all estimations, 35-40% of government workers are “essential”. That means 60-65% are not. On a $3.8T budget in 2012, that’s a lot of spending for “non essentials”. $120B of that is for duplicate spending.”

I too am worried the Republicans will cave, as they seem to be negotiating with themselves at this point.  The only people talking are Capitol Hill are the Republicans.  The Democrats are holding their “red line” on Obamacare implementation and no federal budget cuts.  Heck, they haven’t even had a budget for over 5 years.

We have “funded” the federal government for over 5 years through Continuing Resolutions (CR) – that’s not a federal budget.  They [the Senate] should be ashamed of themselves at this point.

Here’s how it works: the Senate brings the Budget to the House.  The President usually has tremendous input on the Senate Budget proposal, but King Obama has been very busy on the golf course and hob-nobbing at celebrity parties hosted at the Whitehouse.

So, are all these non-essential programs and 800,000 federal furloughed workers really necessary??  Some may be, but let’s have that discussion – quickly – and get our country’s financial house in order.

Keeping all this in perspective, is shutting down the government for a few days to get the attention of a King, and his Party who won’t listen or negotiate or communicate with Congress, really that big of a deal?

Call now!

If you agree with the government shutdown until the President and Senate come to the table to work out differences, call Meadows office 202-225-6401 / 828-426-8701, Burr 202-224-3154 / 828-350-2437, Hagan 202-2246342 / 828-257-6510.

If you don’t agree with the Senate/Obama government shutdown, call and express it.

If you agree that Obamacare should be defunded and/or delayed let them know.

If you want Obamacare fully implemented, ignore all instructions above, unsubscribe to this website, and run over your Obama phone.

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